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isolation . it is hurtful and confusing. It is mysterious and drowning. It is a mixture of sadness. And we all go through it. Maybe in the middle of a class filled with 70 other kids. Or on a bus with a window seat. Or on an airplane with a seat by the aisle. Or in the mall when you’re shopping with your relatives. Or when everyone else is gawking at the television screen. Or when the person talking to you on the phone asks you β€œhow your day was?” – and your shoulders lift and droop. Or when the teacher converses with the class and you feel left out. Β You don’t have to be alone to be isolated. It is like the layers create themselves out of nowhere. And even though your physical body stands there – your mind ceases to function. You stand without the knowledge or consent of yourself. Your body as stiff and simple as a wall. Your heart pounds. Your fingers in a fist. And your foot still.the noise seems to enjoy itself – like it celebrates with its ownself. People seem to be against the very idea of you. And you seem to not belong there. You seem to be lost as much as found. Life seems to happen to you, but you do not happen to anything or anyone. it is like a reverie but an odd one. And you look at things with the longing and expectations as to lift you from this state of unhealthy living. But not much helps. And when people come up to you to cheer you – your body tries to jumpstart and it all ends. Not realising what you were in- you start to breathe again. You do try to sink back again, but events bring you back. Time or space brings you to feel again.



About the writer:

Upender Reddy, A banker by profession,is artistically inclined ever since his childhood.His works have been featured in Reflections W&R Mag, festivalforpoetry.com, handwritten.com and Lakdi-ka-pul -the poetry bridge, a collection of poems by poets of Twin City Poetry Club. He is heavily influenced by the creative works of “David Ogilvy”.Any time you feel blue, he will motivate you and lighten your spirits. He blogs at voiceurmind.wordpress.com

For more of Upen’s work : Click Here!

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