do not change people?

they say that one should “not/never” try to change the others but i believe that they only ever said the half of the narrative there. for the other half, read along.
each one of us impacts/creates a visual difference in the person we stay with. we revise the way they pick their plates, chose their food, dress themselves, their humour, their knowledge.

we cultivate people – simply. 🌱

for example a mother grooms a child to be society – presentable, a teacher develops the child to be knowledgeable and self reliant, a boss teaches his employees to be disciplined – to reach goals, to be motivated, a lover prepares his to understand their deepest, truest callings. each and every one of these events make an impactful and long lasting build on our behaviour.

People involved here – did arithmetic on you, they added some flavours and they deleted some – they kept what they liked and trashed what they felt was unworthy. they created a dfferent version of you but this happened only to cultivate you, to nurture you, to bloom you. people help you become a better version of yourself, a much better.

contrasting approaches to this – should you invest in a bad habit under the impression of someone? should you want to be the popular kid just to get somebody’s attention. should you let people treat you like trash and plunge on your resources as and when they like? now. let me answer all of them – if i may:



should you take up a bad habit under influence?
NO. Never. Again, this is cultivating your seeds but the path down here leads to your degradation. it does not grow your seeds, it doesnt help you climb any ladder, it take you down the rabbit hole of another set and subset of bad habits.


should you be someone – to be known to someone?
well, maybe. if the process helps you better yourself. manier times it is seen that to prove ourselves to the external force we do we put in countless hours to pickup a new set of habits and personality traits which as a consequence allows us to love ourselves. nothing better than that. but if in this endeavour you involve yours body in bad habits just to hear a hi from another person, then dont lose it. dont lose yourself in this process.

05c9bae5a73934d5459e0c70e9df1804should you let people treat you badly?
no. imagine yourself like a coffee, would you like the wrong temperatures to mess with your quality? would you like it if some pest make home in you – and then change your very true being? (some pests can even make you better though,still). would you want bad air particles to degrade your life? the answer is no. never. coffee is important. you are important. you are truly very important. not just for yourself. but many other people out there. (in case you havent figured out these people yet, dont worry. more about this in the next post).


points to be remembered from this post-
1. you came here alone, you will die alone but in the meanwhile you stay with people.
2. your habits are cultivated via people you stay with.
3. you chose to stay with people, so that they can have influence on you ( which they definitely will)
4. you do not allow people to treat you like trashbags ever.
5. you should defintiely figure out the people – you can call yours.
6. you should change yourself for these set of people, not any other set.

until next time, 
Nishita Agarwal.


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