hating someone on the basis of their behaviour?

I went for breakfast and right after alot of things changed about the morning- hold on tight because this is going to take a sharp twist.


Let’s start with a story – recently I have started to dislike/abhor a person, who I very much liked for nearly 2 years but as of today – i can not stand them. why or how did this happen, nish?

Let’s call her sheela – she is not who i thought she was!ย and that alone is the only reason i have that doesnt allow me to appreciate her time with me anymore. that got me thinking if that was any good reason to hate her? clearly speaking – if anybody was at fault – then it was definitely me. Let me explain – it is primarily my fault because i was not able to judge her quick enough to sketch a proper charactersketch of her in real. she is a selfish retard and a highly stupid person. and i say this in full guarantee, she is very selfish, and full of herself and she gives no dime about me , neither does she give a damn about anyone else.

But how am i realising all of this now? maybe because i never looked at her this way before, maybe because i never spent enough time with her before, maybe because i simply was unaware. and many more reasons.ย 

5049a0366c275946f6274b0bb58191e1And right there for the first time i knew why i had started to hate her so much. and that was because she was simply being herselfย (what?). nish.and there i had an epiphany – that if she is sheela and i’m nish would i like to change myself for her. and the answer was a roaring loud no.ย then i asked myself – would i want her to change for me? and the answer was still a no (this could have been a yes a few days ago / i had clearly no intentions of mending this relation or nurturing her anymore).ย i was done with this drama and it had started to suffocate me.

i had a much clearer idea now – as to why these breakups happened frequently with me.ย why i start to dislike people?ย intially when i meet people – they are different in countless ways ย and according to my interpretation i pull them in mylife- but gradulally they change in numerous ways. (not that changing is bad in any case, more on this later. but when you do not change according to a relationship you’re a part of – you become the reason for the death of it.). the vibes that i felt in the first few months – slowly start to entrap me, and it changes, and the transformed/(or real) vibe of it, is something that i do not like.



Nish, will giving sheela names or tags make you feel better? no.
so why was i doing this uptil now? only to root for myself. to make myself feel- i wasnt at fault, it was her mistake, it was her, it was her, when in real – it wasnt her, it was my perception to blame, my ideas of her were flawed/dreamy which led me to conclude something about her that was fairly not true in the very least of ways.

quick fix to situations like these – judge people before you let them enter in , judge their every move and word and smile and emotion, judge them, analyse them – than creating a virtual image of them. let their image be clear in your mind – do not attach helplessly romantic nodes with them, if they are not that. do not weigh them for what they’re worth.


i dont like her behaviour, but that doesnt give me the right to hate her. so i should probably just mend me own ways.

points to be remembered from this post-


  1. Before entering a relationship – analyse the person
  2. Analyse them well enough – to know their thought process and truest intentions
  3. Do not weigh people ย for more than their worth.
  4. people change and its okay, sometimes our lack of awareness dont let us see clear cut through.
  5. part ways – when you must
  6. stop giving names/ tags to people, they dont deserve it, you dont have energy for it.

Until next time,
Nishita Agarwal. ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ

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