“When did you learn all my secrets?”

“When did I fall in love- to bury myself into a bed of roses.”



Love or let’s assume the absence of it. We put ourselves out their with our faith and heart to play- to fall- to rise- and to be captured by the power of it. We are all fighting for it-literally begging for it.

“How beautiful it is to be found in the arms of him”

“How happy you are- when you guys text a tiny million times in the same minute”

“How relieving it feels to dump all your issues on his head”

“How bewildering is the fact- when you realise he has cheated you”

“How sad is the fact- that the seen message has not been replied to”

“How wild and amazing life sounds- when you’re with the girl your heart beats for”


Still we win and lose every second in this battle of emotions! We lose ourselves and build ourselves. We sweep the floors with our tears, we dance on shattered glass pieces, we smile when we are sad, we sit in hell to build heavens, we drown in wells, we slick our skins- we romance and reproduce.All we are is skin and bone trained to get along.- T.S.



moments of the now

I am high on my emotions-

– I have never seen myself the same-

-the kind of words I speak-

-the way I laugh-

-the way I am-

-the way my eyes stare-

-the way my heart jumps-

-the way I dream-

-the way I talk for long hours-

-the way I trust-

-the way I look at myself-

-the kind of way, I blush-

-I am in love-



look – i am left here again

wondering what will bring you back

assuming i’m there

will i find you there too,

these questions of knowing my worth

in the currency of yours

will never take me forward in the life like this-

so I decide to dump myself

and sit in heaven with you again

or so it seemed – but then

as I am – you never will be.

and one of us leaves.

maybe like the leaves of autumn

we will fall

maybe like the smell of coffee

I will want you-

more than ever- of knowing myself

I’ve never craved so bad-

never been this much,

on days like these, and much that will follow

I cannot decide – if there is any of us,

or should there be-

and yet when I look at others

I am brave enough

to stand in storms for you,

but this is not what I desired for,

let it take away from me,

let it leave me barren,

cause now I have felt-

how it is to be not being recognised for your existence.

or maybe like the words in my poetry-

I too shall disappear in your dismays.



‘You make me want to make mistakes, love how bittersweet it tastes.’- Tove Styrke

looks upon her teas,

and her phone’s charged now

the calls how sweet and long

and variable in nature,

the way she smiles in air

and you know it’s all changed

she’s never played her heart

so if it gets broken-

she’ll take it with his name,

her careless “aye”

will help her- grow her happily ever after

or one day- I’ll say in regret

that my promises went stale.




the stars hanged in the sky

and some in my maths notes

but the memories of yesterday slice my existence,

maybe I expect too much from the wrong citizens of humanity,

The ones who couldn’t love themselves would never be able to love me,

but I was only found with swollen eyes – day after day.

tell me when I’m waking up from this?

every shooting star I sight – has the same wish written across it,

keep me happy and them too,

but I cried in the oddest hours.