“I believe in the transience of relationships. I believe you could love a person madly and one day fall out of love in the same easy manner.”

It’s funny how much we play around with our hearts. The essence of love isn’t seen in these seasonal love affairs- they are rather put up shows to ease away the feeling of loneliness and gain public sympathy.

I’ll tell you what love is – it is the warmth in the winter, like the hotness of the coffee, like the merry of festive season, like the excitement of a child, like the free flying birds, like the notifications of my man, like the setting sun, like the brownie dripping  with chocolate, like fresh hot pan pizza.

Love is- the long conversations about things that matter and don’t. Love is the wait and fulfilment of it. Love is the spaces and spontaneity of feelings. Love is the remembrance and forgetfulness of your person. Love is staying up all night-texting in darkened rooms. Love is waking up with his name on your lips. Love is seeing their face in every person you meet. Love is what keeps you heart pumping, your eyes gazing, your fingertips warm and your skin safe.

Love is the hesitation of hurting the other. Love is those little flirtatious messages. Love is  making the other speechless (repeatedly). Love is hanging on the phone- and listening to the background sounds. Love is knowing that you’ll make it out alive of your bad days because the other person is wishing for the same. Love is – accepting your feelings at odd hours of the day. Love is cursing the signal- and calling each other to fight the odds. Love is letting go of the boundaries you’ve been carrying to keep yourself alive. Love is wondering about the times you’ve spent in past. Love is reading the old conversations and letters periodically. Love is being alive and passionately crazy for your only one.

Love isn’t insecure or afraid or fearful.

Love is powerful, yielding and courageous.

Love is listening to that one song you call yours. Love is recalling their voice- their reactions – their everything. Love is. And forever will be one of the most adventurous feeling.

And I hope you find yours soon. I hope you keep them happy.

“Love isn’t blind- it allows you to look for perfections in imperfection. It lets you believe in the wrong and sinful. It leaves you wonderstruck and dumfounded.”

And I say this with conviction as my heart-beats that I love you!


I’ve discovered this truth now-

you can hide yourself as much as you want to

you can lie and slip into clothes-

you do not belong to-

I’ve learnt that you can meet new people

and fall in love deepest with them-

I’ve learnt that –

you can break promises so easily and breathtakingly

I’ve learnt that you can trash hotel rooms

and sleep with boys who mean nothing to you

I’ve learn that –

you can be completely different person every single moment

and most importantly

what I’ve learnt is that at one moment you can be


but not belong there at all.


All of them unified- on a team that is not mine,

all of them who once were mine- are not requested to

all the dialogues- and empty jokes

once belonged to us

and all the memories that we own

are burned within my chest

you can pinpoint my flaws or bury me in sandstones-

you can be my lover- but I don’t even try

every inch of your voice- is annoying to my breathe

our forevers could’ve been –

could’ve been- but the way I talk about you-

is neither clear not good.


He heard the voices on the phone-

He screamed – served his usual-

She cried – just like old times,

And I was there saving their marriage-

My dreams are reflections of my identity

Or maybe I just  overthink the wrong-

I called up – the lady

Asked if what I dreamt held relevance-

None knew- what happened-

I was walking with my head down-

These kind of twisted lines I walk on-

I was walking with my head down-

She pointed the mark on wall-

She said – that’s where he used to come from,

I had tried so hard – but failed-

And he did what he did

He roared in agony- unjustified

She cried with all she had- unjustified-

And I am the balance they could never keep-

I could never keep-

And in a moment-

The silence was breached- dignity screeched-

All the romance of the sleepless nights-

And all the bodies shake from time to time-

He pointed a finger on his own father-

He was the love- who touched her- softly

She was the tantrum- he mummed with lips,

Their affair- was kind of treacherous,

And sometimes, I still recall if we weren’t born,

She might have signed up for divorce.

today- I understood

how hurtful it must be for the two-

to return to no-one

to wait for none to come back


to speak- their hurt to anybody, but the concerned.

and today- I learnt the importance of my man-

and my ladies,

cause my screams are heard-

my tears are felt-

and my fire is burnt,

unlike their exposed cliche love.

‘You can’t scream on me- you don’t have the rights to.’

I felt so stupid-to utter words

which had meaning- but no relevance-

I fought this war for you- as a child

I’ll complete this for myself-

‘I’ll pack you and we’ll runaway’

and today-

I have to runaway from you.

May, the sweetness in your tongue-

summarise the end of your story

not the life in my dreams,