their irresponsibilities cause havoc in my life

their resistance to do – spills water on my dreams

and on somedays I don’t, I can’t, and I leave.



‘you’re just as lost as you don’t know- or prefer to be kept like.’

days of not realising work or wasting time always comes back with heavy doses of karma. days of losing faith in people of bad religion faiths always comes back at you with knives. days of keeping yourself in safe guarded rooms always haunts your effing existence and makes you the monster you wish you never were.

of all the heartbroken I’ve been

you fill my insides with faith- I can’t name

of all the tears I’ve cried

you make me happy instantly

of all the lives I’ve wasted not being me

you take all my fuck you’s and say okay

of all the times I complain about not being fine

you just stand and help me

and of all the times

we say goodnight

you make me realise how much a man can love his girlfriend

you are the heaven that the moon sent for my safekeeping.

it’s him.

he’s the poetry which brings flowers to bloom

he’s that taste of alcohol which doesn’t give you the high.

he’s that dress which fits perfectly

he’s that plane which you can never catch

he’s that song which you can never hear enough of

he’s that call of duty which shatters down anytime

he’s that number you never ring up

he’s that hand you never let go

he’s that friend you never want as a friend

he’s that guy you want to talk dirty to

he’s the kind of hungry – you can’t satisfy

he’s that lover- you want to marry

he’s that heartbeat – you can never understand the rhythm of.

and boy- he’s such a sin.