on stealing kisses. look at them with soft eyes – while they make food or work on laptop or lay on bed or watch television or stand in lift or read a book or walk with you or look clueless. and then move your lips closer to their skin. and as swiftly as you can steal a kiss. let your lips curl up gracing the … Continue reading

on loving. like the taste of a chocolate you eat only to relive the taste of childhood. like the fairylights that you decorate you room with to reimagine those trees with lights on them. ย like dal chawal that you look for in foreign restaurants to remind you of home. like the smile you smile while reading a book. like the cheese that stretches when you … Continue reading

just passing by. it’s 8.30 and the dining table is set. ย it’s 8:45 and you dive in to your breakfast. ย it’s 8.55 and you wear your shoes. ย it’s 9 and the office going are ready to shoot. ย it’s 9.30 and there is a fleet of vehicles on the road. ย  it’s 10 and the work day has begun. it’s 10.30 and you’ve been called to … Continue reading

*no words from my lover – left me wondering if he ever loved me or was I his sin.* at that point I checked my phone again and again, switching one app for the other. hoping to see if he ever remembered me, to see a notification from him or replacements.ย it got me more furious of each second that I sat there. wondering. if anyone … Continue reading