Guest Post

Ummi Siddique A disturbing question: About the writer: Ummi Salma, is a 20 year old student from Nigeria. She mainly writes about things she has experienced in life and hasn’t been able to speak out about. Her writings, she describes are her voice and she makes wants them to be read and heard. To read more of her content :   Continue reading Guest Post

Let me fill you.

Sometimes when you know it isnโ€™t going to be – your mind doesnโ€™t feel anxious, your hands do not sweat, your heartbeat does not increase – you just be. accepting the integrity of the situation. Cause out of all the times- sometimes somethings are not meant to be.     (what loving you did to me/ย Pg 41.) excerpts from โ€“ let me fill you   … Continue reading Let me fill you.

Where there is love there is pain.

Guest Post : Rishab Bansal Where there is love there is pain. It’s not aboutย  what you gain. It’s about loving someone again. Its about the ache in the heart not the brain. It’s about love all over again. It’s not about the kiss in the rain, but the love I have for youย is not gonna change. Where there is love there is pain.   … Continue reading Where there is love there is pain.