i should have told him i loved him before going back home in auto. but i hope he knows – i am in love with him.ย  i hope you know i have days when i wish to die.(i think you do now) i am not as strong as you think/or my mother believes. i am adamant, rude and weird. eventhough i always take leaderships on … Continue reading

In the audience there will be somewhere in the back some people you know of that will criticise and analyse your every move to feed their weaknesses and to make themselves look cooler, stronger or of more value.ย  There will be some who will clap and cheer for you in the crowd. When youโ€™re up there on the stage you will see new faces enjoying … Continue reading

๐Ÿน Up Your Game – Lesson 1 ๐Ÿน

I bet – that you wish you were living the dreamlife you always thought of. But are you? Do you chose to? Do you work to? the practices we chose to live our life by do not sum up to the way we wish our lives were. wait – what? ย we never really live life to our fullest until it is a special occasion, a … Continue reading ๐Ÿน Up Your Game – Lesson 1 ๐Ÿน

somedays you will love better than others. somedays you will connect better, understand more and be more willing. somedays you will be high on love, immerse more into the feeling, explore more ways of togetherness. but on others you will feelย misbalanced, disoriented, and unfocused. ย some afternoon thoughts will make you feel like you are losing and from there on you will make the mistake of … Continue reading