there is no bias mixed in this poetry. this is the most real you’ll hear from me. i hope you get to live it – like i did.   i sat with him when he came back home with lights dim like i like – and my sister by my side, whose snide remarks dug holes in my heart i continued he’s the same man … Continue reading

  people will talk about you – just like you chit chat about them, in worse or better ways. your goodness level will not downgrade their harsh games – it will not. it might make them think / realise – but it will not downsize their bad deeds (in most cases).ย a lot of times your loved ones will not back your decisions. keep your rules … Continue reading

Lessons !๐Ÿ’˜!

โ™ก you do not have to win at everything. โญย you should only pursue something till the time you have burning passion for it. โ™ก ย before participating in a fight – know what you are fighting for. โญย all trials of yours will not bring youย success instantly (or at all) – find out the lows of it and change your working ย patterns. โ™ก stagnation will lead to … Continue reading Lessons !๐Ÿ’˜!

๐Ÿน Up Your Game โ€“ Lesson 2 ๐Ÿน

But before we start โ€“ do the ritual will you? take a pen and a paper. ย (I would have grabbed a box full ofย sketch-pens, colourful stickynotes and a cup of black coffee as well) the instructions โ€“ * jot down the lines or quotes that hit you deep or motivate you in the following post. * AND listen to your heart speak to you while … Continue reading ๐Ÿน Up Your Game โ€“ Lesson 2 ๐Ÿน