to presSQUAD, There’s a whole new series for you = LAZINESS. Here are all the episodes for you. ย for the people – who want to move forward in life. who are tired of being lazy and want to push their boundaries further. .โฃโฃโฃโฃโฃ I KNOW what laziness feels like – been there, done that. Let’s start on a new journey!๐Ÿ˜” .โฃ I FEEL YOU – … Continue reading LAZINESS EPISODES.

You wearing that bracelet is a promise of your stay with me- wherever I go. I was scared to look at your wrist – sometimes I act like i do not know you at all. Like the person I love is not you but the man I text and say *eeeeeps* to . And then we kiss and all those thoughts i ever thought before … Continue reading

i should have told him i loved him before going back home in auto. but i hope he knows – i am in love with him.ย  i hope you know i have days when i wish to die.(i think you do now) i am not as strong as you think/or my mother believes. i am adamant, rude and weird. eventhough i always take leaderships on … Continue reading

24th December,2018 i don’t know where i am when i am on my bed and it is 6.30 after college and my man doesn’t ring and my sister is nowhere and my mother is alone as hell.     i don’t know where i am when i don’t eat dinners don’t walk myselfย  don’t draw or list don’t listen to music don’t write about things … Continue reading