2018? 2019? 201*?

i do not rememeber how this new year began or how 2018 said goodbye to the world. i never said goodbye to it and i think there are many more people out there like me. i never welcomed myself formally in this new year. Β i often say this to my sister, ‘this is the extended version of 2018 that i am living in – well … Continue reading 2018? 2019? 201*?

Lessons !πŸ’˜!

β˜…Stop wanting them to stick in your life. They can leave whenever they feel like. β™‘ forgiveness is not putting the weapon downΒ it is learnig how to kiss the person pulling the trigger –Β not just a quick peck on the cheek Β but a full one with tongue. (Pinterest)       β˜…there is nothing more beautiful than being desperate/ and there is nothing more risky … Continue reading Lessons !πŸ’˜!