Lessons !๐Ÿ’˜!

โ™ก ย some people see the line, some people see the reward in the end โญย to accept help and give help โ™ก Be the last to speak. Try to understand them first. โญย You get those perks because of the position that you hold – it is the position that fetches you that.   Continue reading Lessons !๐Ÿ’˜!

the seven spiritual laws of success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Book by Deepak Chopra   the highlighted lines: * life is a force flowing through us. where we direct our attentio n, is where our life force flows. * in every seed lies the promise of a forest. the law of pure potentialityย  * in the beginning there was neither existence nor nonexistence. All this world was unmanifest energy. … Continue reading the seven spiritual laws of success