validation from external sources?

it felt like i was forcing myself to do some activities (let’s say x,y,z,z1). forced by excitement, by the end result, like the journey wasnt worthy enough to be lived or cared about, i was not enjoying. i kept looking outward for validation from external forces to prove my authenticity and creativity which should not have been the case. i should be able to do … Continue reading validation from external sources?


GUEST POST : James Knight NOT TODAY. By the age of 4, something was taken from me by force. I didnโ€™t know what it was. They called it virginity. It hurt, but I stayed strong. By the age of 6, I lost most of my teeth in an accident. I thought they would grow back. They didnโ€™t. They were already my permanents. It hurt, but … Continue reading FICTION? #2 โ€“ NOT TODAY.

Ballet and Balance

GUEST POST : Kalyan Parimiย  Ballet and Balance Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through this awareness, we can grow.ย -Koi Presco   Ballet is categorized as a performance dance that originated during the Italian Renaissance and developed into a concert dance form in France & Russia. Balance is a key factor when doing … Continue reading Ballet and Balance

you know, love?

Guest Post : Rishab Bansal Love? Love is when crazy seems normal. Love is when you don’t let her sleep and the conversation just goes on. Love is being one with her, knowing exactly what she knows.ย Love is having a similar mind, thinking like one. Love is when you talk about everything and anything. Love is when you feel badย but chose to learn from it. … Continue reading you know, love?

You wearing that bracelet is a promise of your stay with me- wherever I go. I was scared to look at your wrist – sometimes I act like i do not know you at all. Like the person I love is not you but the man I text and say *eeeeeps* to . And then we kiss and all those thoughts i ever thought before … Continue reading