dealing with people

ha. so here you are. hi there. you made a choice to read this post, because as much as i am enthused – you too want to learn the “art of dealing with people“. i mean, who doesn’t right.  reasons why i’d recommend you to read this: if youve ever felt the desire to kickout a person out of your life if youve ever felt … Continue reading dealing with people

today. i walked through the garden. thinking. my blood was a little warmer, heartbeat a little faster, and my face shone a better brighter. i listened to a playlist titled something i don’t remember. i turned the volume high enough that any other voice could not be distinguished discreetly. and then i put all my energy into remembering us. you. the things you do for me/us – like taking … Continue reading

somedays you will love better than others. somedays you will connect better, understand more and be more willing. somedays you will be high on love, immerse more into the feeling, explore more ways of togetherness. but on others you will feel misbalanced, disoriented, and unfocused.  some afternoon thoughts will make you feel like you are losing and from there on you will make the mistake of … Continue reading

There will be times when the text will arrive before you even finish typing.  There will be times when you wait for 30 minutes for a text.   There will be times you’ll wait for 12 hours for a text.    And there will be times when no replies will come.    In all – know that the text will be read, will be received, will be … Continue reading

on loving. like the taste of a chocolate you eat only to relive the taste of childhood. like the fairylights that you decorate you room with to reimagine those trees with lights on them.  like dal chawal that you look for in foreign restaurants to remind you of home. like the smile you smile while reading a book. like the cheese that stretches when you … Continue reading