11 things that breakup taught me

Guest Post : Aisha 11 things that breakup taught me: 1. They won’t regret breaking your heart, not now not ever, just like you don’t regret killing an ant a while ago 2. There is no if it’s meant to be it will be. Because how much ever you like the other person chances are that they’re poison. 3. Don’t go by days thinking you’ll … Continue reading 11 things that breakup taught me

24th December,2018 i don’t know where i am when i am on my bed and it is 6.30 after college and my man doesn’t ring and my sister is nowhere and my mother is alone as hell.     i don’t know where i am when i don’t eat dinners don’t walk myself  don’t draw or list don’t listen to music don’t write about things … Continue reading

there is no bias mixed in this poetry. this is the most real you’ll hear from me. i hope you get to live it – like i did.   i sat with him when he came back home with lights dim like i like – and my sister by my side, whose snide remarks dug holes in my heart i continued he’s the same man … Continue reading

🏹 Up Your Game – Lesson 3 🏹

But before we start – do the ritual will you? take a pen and a paper.  (I would have grabbed a box full of sketch-pens, colourful stickynotes and a cup of black coffee as well) the instructions – * jot down the lines or quotes that hit you deep or motivate you in the following post. * AND listen to your heart speak to you while … Continue reading 🏹 Up Your Game – Lesson 3 🏹

on stealing kisses. look at them with soft eyes – while they make food or work on laptop or lay on bed or watch television or stand in lift or read a book or walk with you or look clueless. and then move your lips closer to their skin. and as swiftly as you can steal a kiss. let your lips curl up gracing the … Continue reading