In his indecisions – i get angry. But that is lovely. This anger is lovely . This right to be angry is lovely. The way he says my name when i purse my lips tight is lovely.   (twisting images/ Pg 9.) excerpts from – let me fill you   Click here to read “let me fill you” Continue reading

You wearing that bracelet is a promise of your stay with me- wherever I go. I was scared to look at your wrist – sometimes I act like i do not know you at all. Like the person I love is not you but the man I text and say *eeeeeps* to . And then we kiss and all those thoughts i ever thought before … Continue reading

🏹 Up Your Game – Lesson 10 🏹

But before we start – do the ritual will you? take a pen and a paper.  (I would have grabbed a box full of sketch-pens, colourful stickynotes and a cup of black coffee as well) the instructions – * jot down the lines or quotes that hit you deep or motivate you in the following post. * AND listen to your heart speak to you while … Continue reading 🏹 Up Your Game – Lesson 10 🏹