Frost and Thought

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Crystal calculations,
Innumerable in quantity,
You sheaf our world
In sparkling delight.
Painted over landscape,
Scattered across morn,
A porcelain awakening,
Oft departed
Before insurmountable beauty
Is even known.
To see an early frost
Just born,
Sprinkled over existence,
Is to know creation
At its best.
Then, warmth,
And so soon later
It has all gone,
And all we are left with
Is a morning dew
And glacial memories.

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Originally posted on Richard Ankers:

Carpeted frost does glisten to me

Lain across dawn, grasses, and tree

A trillion jewels that will melt with the light

What an awakening from another long night

How is that everything can look so complete

Wrapped up in cobwebs and diamonds, so neat

I’ll linger a little, then run a bit more

This world full of frost is just one I adore

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Kids make it all better!

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As a parent, this is the time of year that can be both extremely stressful and most rewarding, and usually you’re feeling both sentiments depending on the day! But when you find yourself feeling really feel down, stressed, tired or you’re just having one of those days where you are truly not feelin the BS of life and it’s never ending struggles, take a look at your kids. Go talk to them. Give them a hug. Say something that you know will bring a smile to their face.

This is why we do what we do! This is why we get up to go to work. This is why we struggle with little or no appreciation or acknowledgment. This is why we go without, why we compromise, why we sacrifice.

If for no other reason than to know that we are giving our children sweet memories that they can call…

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A tinge of me..!!

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Quick, the world is;
fast; running;
and it’s all a flash.
Noisy, hustling
and buried into
“defined lifestyles”.
I am in the parade too.
In a spurt
past strangers
and loved ones;
frisking time;
scheduling life!!

Or else,
I keep looking
into the expanse,
of the earth,
its innocence;
the extension,
I try to absorb;
Contours filling me,
the silence I engulf !!

And I sink into myself,
deeper and submerged,
trying to dissect what I am.

Only to realise,
I am the chunk in the commotion,
and in the turbulence;
along with the calm in the noiselessness;
the placid pacific aura that whispers into me.

It’s all myself;
brewed across seasons,
tamed in strife,
bathed in compassion,
gracefully cherished!!

As I again smile at myself.
Dissecting me,
into what I am;
Another Unplanned Arbitrary Personage!!

The photograph was taken by one of my friends, when we were on…

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Thankyou, till we meet Again.

Dearest Bloggers,

I’ll be preparing for my exams and I am going to be away from this blog till 21st of March.

I am sorry, I am going to be missing this every moment !

For all the love and respect I have received, I can only cry happy tears.

I am thanking you.  :)

Thankyou so much for liking what I like.

Thankyou for being kind to me.

Thankyou for being sweet to me.

Thankyou for inspiring me.

Thankyou for loving me.

Thankyou for understanding me.

Thankyou for all your activities.

I am in Love, Thankyou to you all.

Till we make more memories, I am here to say a small goodbye,

A tiny goodbye.

Thankyou, till we meet again.

Nishita, A young little girl with dreams to fulfil.

Stay Beautiful :)

Stay You.

10 awkward first date moments we all wish to avoid.

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So, whether you met in Starbucks when your eyes crossed over a cheeky mocha, or you somehow managed to stumble across them at the taxi rank on a Saturday morning at 1am, you are going on a first date.

Here are some awkward moments that you aim to avoid but almost always happen and make us cringe in our skin. Here goes…

frst date

1. They take you to the cinema. No, just no. Do not ever accept this. “Let’s just have a nice two hours of silence then you can drive me home and we have gained absolutely nothing.” You might as well have stayed at home and watched “Orange is the New Black” in your dressing gown on Netflix. You also have that awkward ‘clashing of the hands’ in the popcorn moment – which is totally not worth the aggro.

2. They are an ‘It’s up to you’ man

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The worst teenage fashion mistakes of the naughties

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1. The Hooch coat. Remember this girls? The huge fur hood and the pom, poms? If you didn’t have a Hooch coat back in 2000, you simply were not cool. I remember the day I got one, walking down the corridor at school like I was the absolute don (until someone pulled my pom poms and the fur ball fell off, then my reign as the Hooch queen was officially over)

hooch 3

2. The earrings with your name through. I was never lucky enough to have my own pair of these, although sometimes wore my best mates and pretended my name was ‘Sarah’ on a Friday night. At 15 years old, these were what we all wanted, saving up all our spends to go to Warren James and become the ultimate chav.

holly earrings

3.  Tooth gems. Just why? Why did we ever think it was a great idea to…

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Things you learn in your Twenties

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1. Not everyone is going to love you. Let’s face it, you’re never going to be everyone’s cup of tea; you will be too loud, too quiet, too hard or too soft. As we get older, we understand this and realise that actually, it’s okay, because we can’t please everybody.

2. Mum & Dad can’t always save the day. When you are 16, your problems are never your own. Mummy and daddy will be there to get you out of the silly teenage mess you’ve made and then you can go ahead and repeat the same mistakes over and over again until that one horrifying day when they simply don’t want to know. Now you’re screwed, you have to grow up, and that’s no fun.

3. Friendships will change. Your high school Siamese twin suddenly wants to remove you from their hip and you realise you have nothing in common with them anymore. You’re undergoing…

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Clarity Uncleared

Topic, Social Injustice,

The whole class was there to witness

4 major roles,

all others pretended to be uninvolved

They talked about targetting

Talked about groupism

Talked about linking

And just when a fight was going to start,

They went emotional.

And in a few minutes later,

their plans were launched again.

Clarity Uncleared.