Absolute Her.


Writing you from a heart that’s mine

I am a 7 letter word

This is OUR confidential time

They need to know about the way “love happens”

I am a dreamer

I am a wanderer

We were born to smile

For doubts and queries, listen to your mind

Memories that we made turned to plants and life

Dimples on your cheek is a gift I’d like

Sugar with Candy, Sugar with tries

I am a 7 letter word

Brought to you in time

I am a shirt with pant

I’d like you to like me with my crimes

I am not a clean white dress

I am not a baggage for 4

I am not a 9-5

Don’t beg- borrow

With my kindest hand I wrote this for you

it is the legacy that I leave

about me and you.


Nishita, yours and mine

She is out of proportion,

out on roads

with lovers to love, dreams turned rainbows

I leave you loose

To make your mind of me

You are beautiful the

way you look at me.

Self Romance, is yet not a sin

I hope we publish, our daily activities

I am grateful to you

As you were you

All this wonderful day.

If you need help, Turn Off Device.

She is a little vine cup, you’ll probably won’t deny,

I’ve loved you since I saw you in your seat.


No matter from where you are

Wish a little wish here.

Dream a big dream here

I’ll see you being your aspirations

A meeting with you is a foreverity.


You could know from their faces they all need love.

So do you.


Drop in emails to contact me : Nishita.agarwal@hotmail.com

Instagram : presentlymine




230 thoughts on “Absolute Her.

    1. Dearest So, tomorrow is my English exam and to be honest all my good marks will be because of you. Can I just say, honestly you are the coolest person, I have ever seen. You are so adorable and nice to me, THANKYOU so much. Sorry for all the grammatical error you need to know I am a science student too, with a literature student. So, all love coming your way. THANKYOU so much. 💐🎀💋💌🌷❤️💟🌷💌💟❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. First of all the best for your exm 🙂 I know you will nail it 😉 and I am glad I made you smile 🙂 for science students English seems to be the easiest one 😉 I never took my English exam seriously :p so for you darling ❤ love you tons ❤


  1. @Nishita am glad that a time like this we get to share a platform. What an amazing post you have to yourself, thanks for sharing this with us. Always a pleasure reading your poems. Kindly explore my previously posted scribbles via jamesmayorblogdotcom1.wordpress.com




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