Teenage In Dignity

Thank you Secret

My Name is a synonym of your grace

Each time your presence counts

When what happens is magical

You are a wonderful unknown

I am on a passenger seat

Let me begin, Once Upon A time not that there were princesses and their charming, there were people. People who were bounded by their own culture, people who were double-sided, people who ruled others lives, people who abandoned people, people who promised families, people who were tired of nothingness, people who did whateverness, people who criticized and bullied, people who were brought down by another comment, people who left everything behind, people who made fortune and cried, people who received and were ungrateful, people who were walking dead, people who were techno-heads, people who were virtual monsters, people who were hypocrites, people who were confused and abused, people who were on the edge of their supremacy, people who were thrown to work to fulfill demands, people who lived inside out, people who loved and denied, people who were scared to start, people who were guarded by their strengths, people who no more believed in good, people who no more wanted to do good, people who continuously lied and people who watched everything fall apart while they had peace inside. Attitude towards others deciphers our demeanor.


Dear, I welcome you to my world Where faces are mechanic jokes Where people fight for unwanted And laugh when they are knocked down by another opportunity I’ll show you how they survive in this land called X Where what happens remains a secret to some specials Where people are materialistic they are made of sand box They are not happy, they are puppetry shows Where movies shock people and love is their game Where I am happy in my little And what’s yours can remain locked doors, Where when I fall its on my own And when I rise I’m my nations pride Where when I’m happy it is not so good And when I am disappointed I am drunk enough to be blamed I live in this place where people don’t love they throw money watch the show And see glasses break prices of sandstone If I’m magnesium then I am not my dazzling flame And if you are gold then no one can own the credit you have named And this my love is where I live,

 where stone is better than a heart full of emotional rains. This is a place where I invite you beloved

I hope you then carry my burden with yours far way.


Wake up in the morning to realize,

It is the old new world,

They hurt you twice,

She wasn’t allowed to breathe,

She was a burden in her step family,

It was difficult for her,

Impossible to erase the scars,

She was blood inside,

But injuries on the out,

Her parents died when she was 1,

It was  kept a surprise,


 she could be hurt with the same

When she would mature,

Cage a soul,

She cries,

She is a plant,

She is still alive,

They are venomous,

They are money minded,

She was a princess in her childhood,

They stole all royalty,

They separated bread and land when she was 5,

Was kept sans regard,

She was educated,

She did her own finance,

She had a witch step-mother,

And a wicked cruel dad

They never thought of her

They never thought once

Less everything

She found humanity

In teenage romance

She was sane

She had brain

But her one heart

Deviated her whole life

Attraction attracted her

It were cheap and insane

And after all the madness

She broke her heart again

She was made to go to the same house each night

Where her step-family still survived

2 old sisters, 1 small brother

They were all monsters disguised

One made her clean the house

While other made her cook

She was made to wash and dryclean

At the age of  new intimacy

NO demands of her

No wishes oh her

Were ever given priority

She stood

She did

She buried her hate in a hole she dig

At the age of dolls and dresses

She was made to find her own address

She was Just a teen

Less family

She had experienced the world

She saw, all of the black side

She was to commit suicide

She ran away to meet her rendezvous with hers

She had had 7 boyfriends

And a million friends

But something was missing

And she couldn’t see it quite well

Her name was Esta

She was made to bury her living side

Either 4 walls and deadly looks

Or give a kiss and get tangled in their looks

She wanted to know what it was like

To be loved

She thought others could make her realize what it was

She was criticized

She was screamed upon

Each child in her class

Would say she is a slut

She was not

 what you think she was

She was sane

She had her mind

Her heart was pierced by stick figures

And she could hardly answer their “Why’s”

One day,

7th Of May

In spring-summer

She draped herself in red cloth

From her shoulders till her toes

She was clothed

She wore heels, 4 inches

It was going to be her eleventh date

She thought this one could work

She had plans of how she’ll make a family

With this Man

She straightened her hair

Cause he did not like curls

Because curly hairs are meant to be hated

She polished her nails

Cause he didn’t like the way they looked

She wore a heavy necklace,  the one he gave her

The one which was extremely small for her

It was a broken string

It had green beads spaced in it

She rolled her eye lashes

She invested 2 hours

The storm knew its time

The door bell beeped at 7pm

She knew this time it was for an eternity

There was no one at her place

He was going to be here all night

He was drunk

When she opened the door

She asked him to come in

He closed the door

Switched off the light

She was scared

She was still in dignity

This extreme could mean too much to her dreams



In her mind these words echoed

She told herself it was time to let go

In a  harsh tone

She said to him,

“Samuel”, I want you to leave my place

Samuel was drunk

Samuel’s intention was to do

Esta realized her mistake

Before he could do anything

She ran as fast as she could

He was the ruler

He had already set the trap

It was dark inside

She heard silent screams

She heard her inner voice

She felt her heartbeats

As the beat grew faster

That night

That night

She understood

Next Morning

Was a next life

She walked with a soul with scars

And a new chance of hopes

She covered her every

Esta, they screamed

Her bad dream was a past

Her present tense was to last

The incident made a mark in her head

She let go of the mad bad.

She grew wisdom from that one bad

She let it go

The demons were still alive

She was still given bad opportunities

She was still a lover of love

But she transformed her bad to good

They watched in fascination

She was Esta.


Short Skirt

Back less

Shoulder Tattooed

Navel pierced

Big Earrings

Long hair

She braids them half

Leaves them half in air


Wardrobe Malfunction

Her parents are worrying

Her social media is hot favourite

Each picture she sits with boys

On their lap



76 Shared

Boys say “She is hot like hell”

She plays them like toys

14, young age

She is supreme in her mindset

They yearn for her

She is a bad girl

She is all of it

You’ve ever heard

Alcohol consumption

Vodka in her pants

Beer bottles under her beds

Tell stories of how the last night went

She is a virgin,

Just till now

Everyone wants to know

Are her inner organs also developed

Prank calls

Mean nicknames

She rolls her eyes to her so-called friends

Pretends to be a nice lady

When the spiritual goddess is radiating light

She acts like she is a wonderful person

but in real

She is the best drama queen

“I can’t do this” she says

“You got to understand, I have my name”

She is a whatever thing

But for boys

She is the one

They’ll do anything to get her undressed,

 in their arms

Rude comments

Kick the good opportunity

Betray them before they introduce

She wears spectacles

She sits on the 1st row, 3rd bench

Her pitch is high

She says her life has been cruel to her

Sweetness lingers in her lies

When the duty is being done by another

She will mock at that person

She will say you are evil

You have no right to enter in my area

And do what you think

Her Name is Stella

Before yesterday

She didn’t know nothing

Today she is grown up to be sophisticated grace

Black formals, braided pulled back

In office hours and even after that

She is Single, Happy with the girls

She is Stella

She is a beautiful stare.


She self harmed

Left her blood running from her left arm

Her veins had dried

Next day her family arrived

They threw her out of the cage

They sent her to hell

She was jailed

under the name “Mental Hospital”

In those walls

She cried day and night

The big white rooms

Asked her

They told her

They yelled at her

The spoke to her

They killed her

They sang to her

They were walls

Of a mental asylum

She was 13

She stood there

There were mentally unstable adults there

Syra stood there

Her life was a puzzle

There was nothing wrong she did

No boyfriends

No alcohol

No addiction

No wants for the wrong

She is a victim

There is no one she has

They called her SYRA

She was beaten

Was given electric shocks

She was drugged

She was kept on high dosage

Turned 15 on a night

She transformed  like a bird in sight

She ran away into her mind’s flummox

She was betrayed

She was frustrated

She no longer believed in goodness

She was a life ruined.

An evening, a sweet sunset

He walked in

he made the soul living

He was a man of kindness

He made her walk and try the unseen

He made her soul

He made her,

her own happiness

He filled her life with colours

They call them happy together

She was Syra.

Her parents were never seen again.


Family is satisfied

Cousins are predefined

Friends are lovers

He is a problem solver

Years that passed by

He steered his sail

Bikes and SuV’s

Wednesday and Subway sights

Roamed around, thought the world about himself

He welcomed an accident which took his life


Into the tree

The broken glass narrates every seen

Admitted for 3 months

Bed ridden for half more

High fever, 103

After recovery he was hit by love

The girl he loved

Walked away

No more did he believe in sunrays

Weak-weaker-weakest week after week

School teachers counseled

Was counseled thrice

Hookah addiction followed

Drugs were given after 9

His alcohol consumption paid him

He was sans truth

Friends were a constant

They repeatedly-constantly-periodically saved him

They guided him

His grades changed, In the top 10 once again

They taught him

They made him live all over again

Miss. Divinity complimented him

He grew his confidence

He grew into a rainbow

He was his name.


1 walks up says a pretty lie

She believes gives her 6 months

He Says goodbye

2nd walks up says hello

She believes

another 7 months go

3rd walks in shows her what he’s got

She gets involved

It is  long to last

Every single time

Freaking out and feeling okay,

Repeated cycles of unknown names

She hates school

Teachers in circles

Talk about her ex-lovers

Teachers on duties stalk her timely

Teachers in dreams

Fantasize her kisses

When in reality

She was a pure lake

A rumor spread

Spread by many

Then collapsed

She falls for every non perfect

Each time, scars are seen

On her left knee

On her right shoulder

Second finger Left hand,

right cheek

It hurts when the guy is tall

And his parents are involved

Self hate is generated

Self love in half more year

Facebook talks about her Love Life

Twitter posts her momentary moods

Instagram has pictures of her with boys unknown

NO one knows whether it happens

But they say it is important to share it

Her parents were supportive

They called her one day

Stated a statement

“Behind your back they talk about your success

Don’t fall for them you are a  wildflower, out of their reach”

She was XIFE.

She is beautiful

She is innocent

She doesn’t know how to differentiate between the good and bad

She smiled

And the whole world died

Her laugh was crazy

Each girl was jealous of her

True fangirls are hard to find

But she had many of them

She had lovers, she didn’t know about

She had a clean soul

She was pious

She did what she did

Her each move was published

Her each like was idolized

The same demands were disintegrated

She started to self harm

She did it for 4 months

Her left hand upper side had 7 cuts

Each were interwined lines

She was deeply sweetly madly crazily completely in love with bad people

In real life bad people don’t wear a badge, they are generally cute

In real life, goodness doesn’t wear a badge

It is generally rare

She used to sing, Probably she wanted to be a singer

She had a fangirl, she was crazy about her

She was into xife’s dictionary

Xife had to strive

Xife used to cry on nights

Xife used to instagram

Xife used to play guitar

Xife could wear a short size and rock it

Xife was perfection amplified

Xife had her hilly paths

Xife had her deserts

Later she stopped self harming

She prioritized

She cleared

She was finally crystal clean

On a day unknown, under the  same casual time

She sat on her bed in front of her mirror

She took a pledge to never trust bad again,

From that moment, she was forevermore serene

In a town made of emo hearts and white pale shadows

She was forevermore serene.


Mom is in business, She is a professional,

Been working for years,

She makes home living

She rules the business industries

Dad is in NGO

They have got no time for themselves

But they have got all for their for children

On Sunday Evenings

On Monday mornings

On Wednesday Afternoons

On Saturday Mornings

They tangle their soul to their children’s

He was a pampered child, The only son

His sister was enough old, First child

His demands and choices were clarified

His dad was his mentor,

his dad taught him the lessons

His mom was his darling,

his mom added sweetness

He was a photographer

Behind the camera type

From his Digital Single Lense Reflex Camera

He saw everything from distance

He had his desires and wishes

He loved with passion

And whatever he did ,

he did it with sublimity

Best in his field

He was a recognized player.

But he had no idea

Of how the ice was broken-drifted

He was in love with Xife

But Xife knew him as a passer by

They were in the same class for 7 years

They were strangers

Strangers who knew about each other little

Little expanded by little

Expansion happened by little

In Badminton court

In basketball arena

In football ground

They used to talk here

While waiting for their chance to come

While even waiting, he got his chance

His chance to confront

But he never did confront

They used to talk within the lines

Never wanted to,

rejection isn’t easy to try

He never knew what to say

He carried the tone when  others began

He lost his essence

He had nothing of his own

He loved Xife

She was perfection for him

Xife went with seniors

It was a questionmark for him,

Xife was beautiful, wonderful, majestic

And what not

His eyes brightened,

After her just one sight

In an era where true love is dead

There is a gentleman who loves

Less conditions

He asked for advice,

So he could follow the guide

His friends were good and bad

They were nice and cracked

They were cool lads and hot shot tads

In a present state

In a past unknown

In a future which doesn’t promises to stay

They look for something in this universe

They say yes to unwanted

Then cry and curse

His conscience was living

He was faraway

Somewhere something was missing

He did smile

only when he was surrounded by

Mr.’s and Ms’s allowing him to

quarrying his burden

He was contented

He carried on

Not knowing

Where the maps lead

He was happy-go-lucky

He was never praised for his good deeds

He was a winner

13th October

She walked in the same restaurant

She wore a white dress,

Dead were her foes

On her cheeks was a patch of satisfaction

He was with his shadow,

He was writing a melody

another melody to reassure

his chances of meeting her

Miracles happen when you attract them

She saw him,

She wore her new favourite converse

She smiled

Her hair were tied back in a long pony

She asked , “may I give you a chance”

He said, “I’ve been waiting since 5th grade”

They carried on with sunrays,

She is her own sunshine

And he is a wanderer

They lasted a chance.

done ..


No fees

She died

She was thrown out at the age of tenderness

Mom came she whispered words undeniable

Dad came he yelled

None of which she understood

she was a seedling about to stagnate

She was adopted by a gentleman

He kept her like a venomous dog

He slapped

He cheated

He betrayed

She was drowning

She was deaf

Pretty pictures

New technology

Dresses half sleeved and necked

She is muted

She is bounded

Her soul is surviving

No one knows why

NO one knows where

No friends

No males

No communication

No funds for person

Only for what he wanted

She ranaway at the age of 14

She ranaway at the age of 15

She ranaway at the age of 16

Each time he brought her back

and killed her a little more

each step starts with little

expands by a little

extends by little

She wasn’t allowed to study

She was a lady for money

She was an unknown to the unknown

She knew everything

Yet everything seemed to be illogical

Later she went into the phase of depression

Each night she cried till her eyes were red

Each night there was a monster born

Each night her soul was ripped

Each night she was killed

Her parents never came back to find out

Her grandparents were already down with the pain of the drought

Her relatives didn’t know she survived

She never knew anybody

Leaving that one gentleman

In recurring stages

In repeated decimals

In rational quotients

She ranaway one day

She turned 17, just as another digit

We are all streaks of light

Born with fire and death arrives with fire

On the road of 18th July

Before an accident a soul was saved

A soul was made a soul

A soul was revisited

There in the car

Was a young lady of 25

She dressed her well

She educated her

She managed her

She cared for her

She did all hers

She gave her respect

She was loved

In the end, she was loved.

done xi

Best friend

Locked eyes

In each others house from 5 to 9

Mud hands

Parent’s objected

They ran their bicycles from 5-7

Appetite and snacks

The lemonade glasses they emptied

They used to play board games

They sat on their  rectangular bed and played on white board

Her sister was a sweetheart

The time she spent with her was good time

All what is left of them is nothing

Years passed by and she left her there

The crime she committed

She hacked into her system

She felt alienated

So she emptied her treasures in virtual games

She thought time will heal it

But it deepened the bad faith

She was the reason why they broke up

She was fat and the other was ugly

Both of them lived together thinking they could make harmony

But none of them had trust so they let the friendship rust beyond them

None of them gave nothing

None of them were happy

The brownie cakes she ate at her house

The time they spent on laptop each day

The mail she wrote to their teacher

If details were to be mentioned they would die either way

They were tied under the bondage of best friends forever

What became of them was broken leaves on summer days

The cola icecreams, the coke sessions, they painted at each other’s house

Sadly they are no more today

For once that girl remember her past

She is guilt free today

She walked out of the hologram of memories

She walked out of  class rebuttals

She walked out of fake lovers

She is hers happily today

done iedhe

Being Black

Is humiliation not a pride

They compare you with darkness

They compare you with night

They compare you with black keys

They are biased

He wished they were unbiased

Each morning he woke up with a guilt

It was an albatross

It wasn’t his mistake

His melanin was to blame, possibly

He was punched

He was hit

He was sent down to do cleaning chores

He was pushed

He was beaten

He was lost

He was to wonder why

His parents were his support

But the teenage blood ruined that too

His teachers were his support

But their holybooks taught them not to

He was black

He was sweet

He was kind

He was to wonder why

He ate lunch alone

He walked to school alone

He used to play by himself

He used to cage his soul

Never did he let anything good come his way

He was emotional

He was hard

He was gentle

He was to wonder why

He was left on his own

His parents were tied

He was sent to the counsel team

He was declared to be a psychopath

He was kept on drugs

He was kept under guidance

He was made a structured puppetry show

His life was bad

He was to wonder why

He was left to wonder why

He was by day getting into circles of sadness

It was a temporary state turned into a complete one

Deleting memories can not help you

But making new ones can.

He met a lady, a young lady

On the eve of Christmas

Initially he was supposed to sit beside the Christmas tree and weep

But heavens cried when he saw them serenade

They sent an angel, she was unbiased

She was beautiful from heart

She went near him

Walked slowly

Her one touc

Her kiss  on his temples

He hugged her

They were unknowns

Both of them were made of red blood

He cried

He cried

He cried

She listened to each of his word

He grew more faith

They didn’t say

a fragment of  a letter

They carried on with self respect

Never did he reminisce bad times again.


Parents said

She agreed readily

Relative’s comments

She listened carefully

Teacher’s scolded

She absorbed each word

Her Best friend

kept her boyfriend religiously

She believed that everything that was happening happened for a reason

She was Austere

She was Platonic

She was crimeless

But each in his life was a murderer of her dreams

When she dressed in full length

Society said “Being modern is being safe”

“Look at who’s walking up the stage”

When she scored good marks

Society said “Studying is not the only thing you should indulge into

Drive yourself into teenage acts”

When she was awarded

Society said “Once a winner is not always a winner”

When she stood up for a social cause

Society said “Tiny children cannot uproot a tradition.

Tiny children cannot annihilate customs made by forefathers dead”

When she was provided with a scholarship

Society said “Huh! Children look at her, she is trying to be bigger.

She will fall and no one will help her grow back together”

Her parents were always unhappy with her

Her parents used to abhor each idea of her

To her parents

She was the worst nightmare

The single word,

She was appreciated with was


3 years from then

On a Sunday afternoon

She came on the Television

There was press around  her

They asked her questions

She answered them without any hesitation

There was a question they asked

To which she replied,

“I wish they had known, what they never knew

I wish they believed in my potential.

I know they loved me but somewhere something was missing.

Today, when they will see me here, I hope they regret and feel honoured at the same second.”

On that night

For the first time

The society Said “Look children, light is there, the empty future is bright and clear.

The girl who we always knew would do wonders, is on the pinnacle of her success.”

She happily lists down their verdict.


She is tagged with a bad name

A cruel- wicked -mean name

She wasn’t Bad

She wasn’t even near it

She was extra ordinary

She was fabulous

Their jealousy grew and so did their jealous acts

She was an exceptional player

When she used to play

They used to laugh

They used to sigh

They used to sit in awe

Their heart used to tell them, she is perfection

But their unsatisfied wishes didn’t allow them

They used to say

“Her shorts are too high.

She doesn’t know how to play.

She does it all for her attraction magnetism.”

She used to listen to this

And get depressed

She was pampered with sweet lies

She was a good girl

She was brought up with regulations

She was an athletic

When she used to run

She used to  cut the air

Like a blade cuts iron pieces.

They used to look at her in awe

But their defective brain couldn’t allow them.

They had to show their disagreeable side.

When she used to dance,

She resembled a fairy

They used to watch her with fascination

They used to cry when the melody touched their heart.

But   they could never let it show

Each time they said,

Huh! She is ugly. She is an idiot. A dog dances better.

There is nothing of her that is to stay.

She was brought down by their criticism

She was brought down by their ugly side

She was brought down by their whateverness.

She carried on

Taking in their bitterness

She sipped their cruelty

Painted rainbows of them.

She was brought down by their wickedness

She knew how to handle it with dignity.

She was 14,

She was bullied

She was slapped

She was hit. She showed them how to have the last laugh


6 steps on stairs

Tiles with white division

2 legs

One ponytail

2 drains

A car in front of her

She is lila

8 flowerpots

Margins-Parking Lots

Concave mirror

Shadows of leaf

Car bonnets

Cat sights

Big trees lighted

Clouds above her

Statues alone

4 bicycles with one facing 90* away

Purple Arches

Aeroplane with blinkers

Her name is hers

She calls herself Lila

She is emotional

She is safe

Her family is ugly

They act to be saint

They do what they warn others not to do

Noone has a word for them

She is a flower

In that ugly family

Virtual lovers  and techno heads

Nobody dares to talk

To their blood relations

Everyone is confused

Everyone is bruised

4 olds, 2 adults, 5 children

3 boys

2 little girls

She is the smallest

She is caged

Her dreams are different

She is not a home lady

She has self respect

Nobody wants her to be dead

Except her ugly family

Her friends are wonderful

Her life is simple

She is an excellent child

Her parents think the exact reverse

She doesn’t shares her pains

She is old enough to handle it

She is an introvert

She is a dreamer and a believer

She is on a passenger seat

She is made to shut up

She is regarded as a bully

She doesn’t know what they all

Want from life

She wants freedom

She wants to discover the secrets inside

Home to school

School to home

With random rare surprise

Her life is simple

She is thankful to everything she has got

She wants to grow up

So she can runaway one day

She has never been in love

But forever is a casualty for her

Years from then she learned

That her thoughts were a lie repeated

She grew herself

Her life became more simple

Her ugly family became  a happily ever after

She is still found on streets unknown

But in her heart lives that ugly family

No matter what

She still goes back to what she has got.


Spin a yarn

Take a thread

Make a dress

Wear Pants, Low waist

Dress up, go out strip

Nothing was known about her

She was rose

She was pretty

She wasn’t beautiful

She was on her own

She wanted love

She couldn’t find love

She cried in places unknown

They took advantage

They held her tightly from her back bone

She was Rose

As simple as she could be

Nothing was known about her

She had noone of her own

She was left to dance alone

No relatives

NO friend

No same DNA

No Likers

They were hers for a night

She wanted the casual  forever

She yearned

She wanted

Yet, all she did

Was wore a black gown in her house

And a red silhouette in the market

Where none could recognize her scars

She was Scarless

She had her scarlet letters

She wore tags

She wore nothing.

She wore black.

She was Blank.

Knowledge endows knowledge.

Innocence endows culprits.

She was a victim

She was the honour.

She was a girl of her own genre.

Late on nights,

When everything was done

She remembered how she missed their right advices

She didn’t know the right or wrong

Or was she to be blamed

For letting them know her everything

She was covered in black

She was undone in black.

She was 17.

1 month from then,

She says, “A lady walked up to me”

She said, will you like to become a civilized princess?

And she said, Yes readily.

That was a day

And today is another

She is dressed in Pink

And wears floral

She lives in a home

She has a Dna Link up

She has her relatives

And a 23 year old lover.

never did she turn back

That stone took all her sins

She never repeated the lines

Her past never said

She knew she had to be her own princess.


They said wear skinny jeans

They said wear Pink bras

They said wear deep neck

The deepest

take it to your groin

They say wear Neo- Bloom Dresses

They say trendy Corset heels

They said have a hourglass shape

They ordered to be a Victorian Idealist

But she was just 13

She wanted to eat

Her parents cut her shape

Her parents made her loose her weight

She was called “Fat Ass”

Just because you are overnutritioned doesn’t mean you don’t fit

Her classmates made her loose each time

Her classmates encircled her

And made it hard to survive

They were bullies, They were pretty,

They were clay models, They were perfection,

She was a little girl

They say wear PlaySuits

Make it Jumpy

Make it sultry

Win the badge

You  ain’t allowed if your nipple ain’t showing

You ain’t allowed if your booty ain’t  heavy

You ain’t allowed if your voice isn’t sweet

You ain’t allowed if you are a prude

Be drunk. Do adultery.

Bring it to public.

But if you are a fat,

You are venomous,

You are banned.

In school

Wear black Bras,

In colleges, let your strap show

It is good to let them know,

In parties don’t wear any,

Let your curve bid your money.

They said this, day in- day out.

She was a receiver,

She was a tiny girl,

She was 15 now.

She was forced to cut down her size.

She was blamed,

She was laughed upon,

She was told

You are a disrespect for woman blood.

Nobody wants to see your face, better runaway.

At 16, she starved

For days, she would not eat.

She would stay on diet.

She would drink water, with calories intake, noted down in her diary.

What A shame, Nobody to blame,

If you are a glass figure,

You are sane.

Wear corsets knock them down,

You are to be worshipped in the bedroom ground.

She self harmed, she was 17.

She cut her veins, she cut her throat, she cut her belly,

She cut her thigh,

Any organ left cried,

She cut her eye.

The blade bled in colours same.

She was to blame.

Being fat is insane.

On her 18th birthday, she was harassed

A couple of mates abused her,

The power of woman woke in her,

She fought them all.

She was a prisoner.

She is a messiah, to the fat world.

They tag themselves as overnutritioned.



Simple as it could be

A lover of sweetness

A monster of their demands

As simple as she could be

She called herself Kiara

A 12 year old young lady.

Her parents were too kind

Her sister was innocent

She was as good as she could be

And everything fell in place, definitely

Suddenly or Slowly

Drastically or Peacefully

A transformation did happen

Her parents were murdered in a road accident

Her sister was abducted

She was left her on her own to die.

Little girls forget nothing

Be careful before you devastate them

Be good, Be nice, Never be a little bad crack

They sew crevices, that made holes

She knew the Murderer’s Address

She became hungry for their blood

Bad blood ran in her blood

The good blood turned to black

She trained herself

Defended herself

Became Powerful

She was a tyrant innocent

She yearned for their living blood

What wrong had she done?

What wrong had her parents done?

What wrong had her sister done?

Yell your answer,  she said.

On a full sun day,

It is rare they say,

She walked in floral

In front of their mansion

Opened the gates, she was 15 that day,

She walked up to the manager of the death sentence giver

She made him inhale amnesia

Kiara walked up to her dad’s murderer

She killed him without thinking twice

She was jailed for something she didin’t know anything about

Not that she had planned

She had planned the same

Little mysteries live in corners unnamed.

Her thirst did die that day,

But she killed a loving dad’s teachings right there.

She was 19 when she confessed

Today she rehabilitates young orphans,

Who are left on the same path as she was.



Don’t drag me into your sins, she said

He said, but you are my half girlfriend.

Tiny brains

Ting ages

Little things

They don’t understand

He said, Smoke or else

He said, Hookah or else

He said, Rash Drive or else

He said, Spend Money or else

She said, Give me a kiss or else

And that is the reason they continued

She was a Small town girl

He was a tiny city boy

Who is to chose

Who is to not

Is another tragedy to have

She wanted his full boyfriend

He wanted her half girlfriend

She had the Good faith

He had the Eye-Look

She was something

He was nothing

They were anything

He was everything.

She loved

He loved

She tried

He denied

She wanted

She was forced A cataclysm

It wasn’t that she didn’t know

It wasn’t that he didn’t know

It wasn’t that they didn’t know

It was that they didn’t wanted to let it go.

He gifted Cigarettes

She was to smoke

He gifted nuisance

She let it in

He gifted badness

She let it hit

She presented love

She was rejected

No seduction

No scarlet letters

But a microscopic kiss on the breast of unknown


She let it hit.

She loved the sensations

She loved his marks on her parts

No seduction.

On the bed the two lied

Without seduction.

Mockery in making.

For nothing this wide universe I call, Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all.

They must have had their last on 5th March.

6 th March,

She says her father was informed of her activities with an unclean gentleman.

She wasn’t scolded

She wasn’t beaten.

She was punished, she wasn’t loved.

She repeats, my dad didn’t love me

He didn’t

5 years, I regretted romancing each second after that.

For 5 year long years, he didn’t love me.

It was 7th march, when he finally came to me

And said these words,

“I trust you in more than I did before”

And then he died a sudden death. Who died that day is still a mystery.

It was then that she realized

It was all about unclassified ratios of sex.

Forevermore she stayed clean.


Social Media,


Her Innocence.

4th July, she met this guy,

He was HOT, that is what she thought

She was 13, He was 19

Who had more brains is written in manuscripts

She was intelligent

He was a creeper

She was Pristine

He was a legal assassin.

On 20th August he asked her out,

She was not on Media

He owned each of the virtual town

She wore red dress

The one which said

Take me along

I am your princess.

He wore a Black Leather Jacket

Which said, No matter where you go

I’ll be your path, I’ll be your boat.

On their very first date,

He made her eat pizza,

He made her eat chicken

He made her eat Mutton.

If that is what is right.

Slow walk signifies you don’t want to let the other go,

He was a trickmaster

She was a little task

Who was to win

Is just another Sin.

8pm, they walked out of the place assigned,

Slowly, cautiously, little by little,

First he asked her

If they could Kiss.

She was shy,

So he made it alright,

At 8:37 he pulled her inside his soul

He slowly made hell look like heaven again

She was 13, He was 19

The manuscripts knew,

They mocked.

He kissed her in public.

She ran home that day,

He apologized a single time

It made her feel okay again.

On 10th August he pooled her in his house

The walls screamed, My daughter he is 19.

But She was fine with being in  his drunk dreams.

The webcam was fixed

It was airing live

He had to earn his points, More Likes, More hits.

Forever survives in dictionary.

It happened.

It happened.

Nobody knows if she allowed him

Or was it forced.

But it happened

And it happened.

It happened for sure.

Noones know more.

When she came home back that day,

She was found with bleeding hands, bleeding face, bleeding knees,

She was just another story

She was ruined by Mr.19.

Arzoo her mother screamed but she had already bid her goodbyes

Her mother rushed her to the hospital

She was saved

She was asked

She narrated.

Alas, She was 13, he was 19, everyone knew he was to blame.

Rather than pinching words,

Her Mother flew with her abroad,

With a new identity,

With new unbled scars she lived.

Her past was buried in the hospital room,

But not all end like this,

Not all start like this.

She was given her own change.

She was Arzoo she was 13.

He went to jail, the following year.


When they were kids

They were kids

No distinction

No master kids

When they grew up

they grew up

Pretty Lies

Stolen Kiss.

He never expected this

But this was evanescent.

New hormones

New conditions.

The girl next door is not,

JUST a neighbour.

The girl you sit with,


JUST not another.

This type of kiss

That type of Hip.

Your lipstick

Your hair stinks.

All lies repeated

All mistakes are scenery.

All posters of her,

All images on internet.

The quiz certifies he is in love.

He follows her like a butterfly.

It wasn’t like this before.

That girl is his tutor.

He likes the way, she wears her nails,

He loves the way, She speaks,

When her blouse is deep neck


his eyes can’t fund another browser.

Details are not needed

This is the same

High School Love.

This is the same

Teenage Love.

This is the same

Out Of Style Love.

So he went, to propose

She said no, He cried back home, he left eating, he left studying

And while she taught

He was wishing

6 weeks went by

in the 7th week’s first day

He was in room no  17. in a big white room

On a white bed,

Below the nurse had signed, he is mentally unstable

On the same day, the tutor came,

He was desperate, she was human,

He was in flames, She was fragile,

He proposed her again, She asked him why,

He said I am about to die,

She listened to his cries.

She said the most awaited word,

Darling, Yes.

He got up, she went down.

The story goes all the way round.

5th week from then, the boy was seen in the same room again,

This time there was another girl,

Who had to say yes,

This wasn’t healthy

He had his ways.

On the day of judgment , His dad corrected his demeanour.

Never did he ever do it, well what starts bad,

Doesn’t always has to end this way.


Why is he like that?

Why is he like this?

Why can’t he see, he is all that is missing?

He is mine

And I am his.

And If that is how it starts it doesn’t end like this.

Roll back,

They were friends since 3rd grades

They grew up in the same society

Wore each other’s ideas.

Their parents were friends,

Their parents were compassionate

They always lived together,

They were more than family friends.

That Boy was Arav

And the little girl Arva

Their names were same

Just disorganized to sane.

They met each other each hour

They knew each other’s secrets

They knew what went wrong and why

Why Arva wore Skirts

And had long hair,

And why he wore shirts

And had funny hair.

They were a string of the same fabric

They grew together,

They learnt together,

The ate together,

They shared together,

They spoke together,

They were togther,

They lived under the title Best friends forever.

The storm had set in

The waves were large

The shore was where they spoke the very last.

7th Grade,

She felt like he wasn’t the same.

8th Grade,

He thought she wasn’t the same

9th Grade,

They both were in love.

Somebody had to confess

After 2 years’s deathly silence

They broke the ice,

They had a sweet romantic relation

Which lasted about 5 minutes.

He thought she had changed.

She thought he had changed.

They both thought they had changed.

Nobody was to blame.

Now their secrets were unknown

Only sweet lines repeated were told,

Only rose bouquets flew to each other’s home

No togetherness

No care

No happiness.

They lived under the virtual affair.

The once Best friends were dead.

You are invited to meet the Boyfriend-Girlfriend.

10th Grade,

The first day,

They had a fight, it was a massive attack,

It was destruction

It was storm

It was typhoon.

It was better,

Both sides were strong

They said what they thought

They said what they hadn’t shared.

Once again in the ruins, the two BFF’s clapped.

They Clapped.


She wants him to know

She loves him,

Pasha loves him,

She wants him to know,

She hates him,

She wants him to know she is disgusted by him,

She wants him to know

She needs him

So how do they carry on,

Lakshay loves Pasha

Lakshay is a flirt

Lakshay is in love

Lakshay craves for  attention

They hate each other

They love each other

They kiss each other

They stay with each other

Pasha misses her bus

Waiting for Lakshay.

lakshay is beaten up because he loves Pasha

They both meet at late nights

They both hold each other,

Lakshay loves the smell of pasha

Lakshay loves to untangle her hair

Lakshay makes fun of Pasha

Lakshay dies when he doesn’t see Pasha

Pasha is crazy for Lakshay,

Welcome to generation of love at wrong sight.


Pasha gets jealous,

When he talks to someone new

Lakshay gets scared when Pasha is crying in bathroom

They are mad in love

Their love is a rumour spread

It is the 6th grade love

It is winter love

It is Christmas Love

It is 22nd December Love.

It is annual day love.

It is bad love.

It is good love.

It was never love.

Pasha was insane.

Lakshay was funny

Pasha was sweet

Lakshay was stupid

Pasha was something

Lakshay was anything

They were in love, who says it was love.

They were scared so they kissed

They lost their virginity on that bridge

This rumor was spread in school

This is just to correct,

They never did anything more than holding hands under benches.

They kissed, they wish they did.

They grew up In summer.

This winter is no more living.

This winter love tells that

Once there were two idiots in love.




Tall and Shy

He was his own

Noone ever knew about him

He wanted to die

Noone knew why

He sketched out a plan

To jump from a building

But later decided it might just break his bones,

Next plan,

Hang yourself from the Fan,

But then he thought what if it couldn’t take his weight

Plan cancelled,

Another Try,

What if, he said,

I jump into a river, a sewage, in front of a car,  in a dumping ground

But people might be good they might save him,

Plan cancelled

He was a backbencher

He was a failure, But he was good,

But he was in a wrong place at the right time,

His parents revolted against him

He was made to surrender

He had tried his level best

But somewhere nothing worked for him.

His brother was idolized for him

His brother was righteous

But no, you can’t do that

They ruined his life perfectly

So much so that he could die happily now

He was interrogated time and again

Even after troubles he never touched the pages of the bad side of the world

He was still a good child

A divine touch of almighty

His life was a battlefield.

He had plans for suicide,

But he couldn’t take poison,

He wanted an easy death,

Poison’s taste was not good for his heart

He couldn’t use a blade, it would have pained

He was good at one thing,

He was an artist

But, the Great Indian Parent says, Doctor or Engineer

OR you are a burden  for our whole life

His dad was his Napolean

The death chambers were his words

He was a puppet

He was suicidal

His mother was his guard

His mother was his first Love.

In the end he cried.

But he didn’t die

He moved on

He lived a happily ever after.


Standing with 3 friends, leaning on a staircase end

Waiting for 1 girl, he is waiting for her

The floor hears footsteps, there is a mystery

Yet no sign of her, he can see her face but not the physical her

He spent last night, under the fan,


He was in his bed, lied almost dead,


Darkness and silence

Simplicity in head,

In mind,

He was fantasizing her,

Physically 1, mentally 1

He was amazed,

He was docile, Aakash

She was divine, the way she walked, the way she stood,

When she sat, how she dressed, she was an angel,

How she made her hair, she applied lip colours,

Her hairs were always jumbled

How she painted her nails,

How she spoke her lines,

She walks with head high

She is a lover of badness

She is a good girl

She is a sweet girl

She is a nice girl

She is a dogmatic

Her doctrines were different

She is a doll

She wasn’t usual

She was casual

She had no flaws

She had flaws

She was pretty

She was beautiful

She was a disciplined disaster

Little he knew

He knew nothing

He thought it would last forever


She didn’t come that day

She didn’t come in the following week

She didn’t see him in the following month

6 moths passed by

There was no trace of her

On a morning he woke up

He was still in extreme pain

He read a text on his phone

Which said,

“you were no good from the very start,

I made you mine to enjoy your very last”

He attempted suicide

Leashed himself infinite times

Wandered on busy streets

He sat in vehicles which had nothing to give him

For years and ahead

He was forevermore in pain

Green seas, banners fixed

Wooden supports, he lost everything constantly

Air cuts through the nets

His life turned on a round about

His parents studied his life

Parents, Mom and Dad

Aakash, He was made living again

It was tough

He began his new journey

Supporters were all.



Time wasted for another

Knives and blades

Grades going down

He never knew his name

Glass pyramids

With steel environment

He was somebody

And everyone else was everybody

Neither his parents

Nor his teachers liked him

He was abused and injured

He drove away each day

To find his peace in some corner of piece

He smoked his lungs away

He smuggled drugs

He was sent to jail

Delighted in non-delightful things

He had his wishes

He had his dreams

Villages with no lights

No water supplies

His life changed when he saw

A girl devastated

A girl who couldn’t be recognized

On  26th jan his life changed

Petals of flower  in autumn season

His sins said goodbye

He walked up to her

He asked her, she replied

That moment

He had answers to each of his

He was no longer an incomplete bliss

He was given green tea in clay pot

He kissed her cheek

He was 18

He said undying

Curves and circles were made structural


Explain with hands

Short height

Big demands

Huge aims

Conservative family

Full length cloth piece



Decide colours according to days

Dance cause you are a girl

Work cause you are a man

No education for female blood

Reproduce boys

 you are born for that

She survived, he lived

She cried, he smiled

That gentleman lived for gratification

She was a cook

He was a science student

She did finances

He squandered

She was in dignity

He lost his chastity

Culture has its epoch

Prioritzation gives a scintilla

In secrecy she learned

In silence she educated

In dark corners she illuminated

17th July, she says

She walked from the market to her house

Her dad slapped her

She never argumented

She still doesn’t know why

The next moment she walked to her mother

And unveiled her 10th grade report card

She was 17

Born in a tyrant kingdom

Her mother, she had tears in her eyes

She hugged her daughter

Packed her bag

Placed her house on wheels

And ranaway with her

To a democratic world .

That girl is found in an armchair

On a boss’s seat, dealing with senior official gentlemen.


She has been messaging all day

To people unknown

She has been posting all day

To get red light on

She has been trying to pose a picture perfect

But baby life is just another holiday

She has been trying to do

She is Akira

She has got no boys, no boyfriends

She has got no girls, no girlfriends

She has got no friends

Her parents can only buy her trending gadgets

Her parents can only pay her internet packages

Her parents can only do money

She is treading on a path gloomy

There are autumn leaves

There black storms

There are equations of ratios

They are revamped quandary

She was innocent

She was 15

She was a stranger to the real world

Her friends were going through a transition period

She wasn’t always happy

She self harmed

She instagrammed

She did snapchat

She wore clothes minuscule length

She adapted her reality to be a fashion wreck

She made a face

She fixed hair

Once, twice, thrice

Skipped classes

Back answered teachers

She was rewarded with vituperative language

She fell in love with virtuality

She had 7 pins on her mid head

But all her hair were out

She had a cold expression

She had a bi-polar disease

But a boy in time, saves a crime

Karan, he taught her, he understood her,

He taught her, he understood her

For it is not important to always have a good beginning to see a brighter end.


She, had a constant smile

She, had an uninterrupted source of delight

She, always knew the answers

She, never fell for a boy in 5th grade,

She, was happy in her restrictions,

She,  had problems with prior solutions

She, was a delicacy served

She, was happiness doubled

She, never went through heartbreaks

She, had to never fix her hair

She, had to never say goodbye

She, had to never wait outside the bus

She, never had her heart broken

She, She, never had her first crush kiss,

She, never thought once on topics meaningless

She, had a family amazing

She, had no problems of love

She, used to fit in every dress

She, could wear white and look graceful

She was a picture, majestic

She is a princess uncrowned

She is Aishleena


Summer’s sadness

Winter’s depression

Autumn’s heartbreak

Spring’s breakdown

He was 17, he was pranav

 he was beautiful

He was completely soaked in pinching words

A nice comment or a judgmental verdict

A different version of what you expected

No friends, no dear ones,

It is a forever phase

He said, “I can never be happy I rather die”

Took random holidays from school

Had rare buoyant craze

Sung sweetly to every lyrics he heard

He was his very own rambling

Excited, he fell down

He never thought of good things

Had a doubt in clarity

He was experienced in the art of humanity

His parents were his backbone

He would have a heart failure otherwise

He was betrayed by an average girl

He was a man of his thoughts

Till very last shot

He serenaded, his eyes were numb

He was in making

The world put him down

He was gentle

He was in his making little by little

They ruined his supply of oxygen

He was his sadness

No self motivation

Had physical ratio problems

Was a beautiful soul

He had to be transformed

No one tried, nobody danced

On the last day of his school

He gave a speech

Addressed all the bullies

He knocked each down

He said, “I am sorry for being too sweet,

I bid my goodbye to you, I hope you know I am a writer,

The whole world reads your sickness in letters”

They clapped

He cried happily.



He left a suicide not on his examination paper

He left us emotional, we were crying

His dreams were to  become a man of his choice

He left us at the wrong time, on the wrong page

His chemistry exam, ignited a badfire within him

His struggle, his pressure, his sins

Everything came to an end that day

His parents said come home only

When, only you’ll have

Your first salary cheque

He was 17

He died of thirst of love

He was a warrior

A soldier, till he became a martyr

He tried till he died

He moved cautiously

His teachers never told his parents

He was suicidal, he was into it

He left us on page, of a storybook concealed

He left us asking ourselves why?

He left us without informing his reasons,

He left us without revising our past

He left us on a page, of a storybook unnamed,

He left us

He never did an unexpected task, but his very last

Became his very last.


Mornings, afternoons, dinners,

Sadness, unhappiness

Rooms, terrace or stairs

Walking with open hair

Eyes spoke everything

And everything was spoken

People yell her name


To make her feel living

She has 3 lovely bad boyfriends

Her friends are simply complicated

But darling, love is passionate

She walks around with her scarlet letter

She hasn’t lost anything

But she has lost her “nothing”

Wearing full sleeve big size t shirt

With tangled short hair

She has golden streaks

But no money to pay her rent

She is just another tantrum

She is not just another tantrum

Sitting with her group of friends

Random people yell on her

She is the one o blame

She is not to blame

her parents are the faulters

but they separated when she was in kindergarten

She is yet to start from that scar

She is on the edge

She is adorably and appealing

She is roaming while being sultry

She is to blame

She is not to blame

She is Maseena

A girl in her stains

Blood remarks

And dark past

White pages

Big glasses with huge nails

She is a villain be her game

On a Friday night, beneath blue lights

There came  a guy

He took her dark side

He made her smile

For once she smiled

This is one less,

One more good-goodbye.


Be happy but be sad

Be nice but be bad

Be good but be mean

Say yes but mean no

That is how his life was

He wanted to but

He was razed

He tried, but was denied access

But his past thought twice

He was good but his black side

Let them sing in chorus


He was funny

He was simple

He was Charlie

He was Chaplin

But he was not Charlie chaplin

But empty vessles make the most

He was a devil’s workshop in his nine-5

He was a wizard, his future was to last

He walked with his head high

He walked with his brain facing down

He walked slow

He was a nature lover

He was a loner, Mr. Introvert

He was an ACE Mister.

But mistresses were mean to him

His tutors were keen

He carried on his way

Not knowing his esplanade

He was a loner, Mr Introvert

Mr. Charlie

Mr. Charlie

People betrayed him

People kissed him to sleep

People were in themselves

He was on his way

On 17th Jan, the year speaks for itself

He met his beloved and they replaced heavens

He was in his brain, he was sane

He could be hers

She could be his,

They were each others’.


Say you are mine, Jessica said

Say you’ll be there when I cry

Teardrops on pillows

My bedsheet knows what happened that night

Her parents were not fitting in a string

Her parents were faraway

She was 15, a little age

They could, they couldn’t let the goodness stay

She was Jessica

Her mother had another affair

Her father was a ladies man

Both of them were in one bed

Opposite side, opposite lengths

Their highschool love died

Jessica was to survive all the drama

Jessica was told

Stay with your father he has gold

Go with your mother she is good at poker

You are another come and go, either ways you have to die

Go with your father he’ll pay all your loans

She was a parcel

her parents were playing tug of war

Sunday-Tuesday she stayed with her father

Tuesday-Thursday she stayed with her mother

Thursday-Saturday she stayed with her brother

Her relative disowned her, dejection

Nobody looked after her necessities

All could buy her expensive jewellery

The 15 and a half year old snowwhite

Was thrown from door to door as a playball

She was a playball

Dark nights were comfort

Sofas were okay

Roadside were okay

But everything transfigured

Like springs like april

Her brother took her away to dictionary’s fairyland

To dictionary’s fairyland.


You cannot dream

You are ugly

You are skinny

You look bad

You are ill-flavoured

You should runaway

You should become a servant to our commands

You won’t find JOCOSE

They lied

And she thought they were right

She was Rita, she had cloudy skies

She had best parents in hand

They loved her

They cared for her

They kissed her

They talked to her

They understood her

They let her have her space

They saw her grow up

They never scolded her

They never betrayed her

They never slapped her

They never raised her voice

They never locked her

They were not the usual parents

They were friendly

They were extra-sweet

But she thought, her liars were right

When you are young, you are inexplicable

You are pressurized

You do as you are told

You are ruled

You cry but you accept their supremacy

You swallow each factor

You make mistakes, which are non-ammendable

They told her, she is fat, she is a crevice

They slapped her with harsh words

She stayed there, murmured and fell

She used to come back home

Lock herself

She thought it over

She thought they were right

But everyone knew they were not

Her parents grew anxious

But they let her have her space

They never saw her joyous

She was becoming a blank space

She was mass inside

But the volume disappeared

She was Rita on the out

But a ghost had replaced her within

She would sing to the sky

She said, let my demons die

At the very moment

Her demons flashed her an eye

In a huge palace

Where singers are

Where dancers are

Where waiters are

But nothing is not there

She was a living soul

With 2 hands and 2 feet

She lost herself completely

On that Tuesday night

“Rita” her mother called

Darlin’ where are you?

Come on, we are going out!

Rita, darling.



Come on now!

No replies were heard

She thought, Rita was in her mood swings again

With footsteps and an unstable mindset

She opened the locked door of her daughter’s devil side

There were blades of each size kept there

A razor blade

A straight edge blade

A round shape blade

A scissor half her finger size

A pocket knife

A sharpener blade


Sharp New Pencils

Broken Glass

Safety Pins

All of them lied next to her physical bones

Each of them had a fresh supply of blood

They were red as rose

They were red as horror

They were red as demon

They were red as blood

Her left leg had 11 scars

Her right thigh had 9

Her right hand wore14 of them

Her left hand was no skin

Each of the wound was as fresh as it could be

Each of the wound wore blood

Her stomach had 17 cuts all as long as her belly

The sight was horrific,

Her mother was frightened

Her little daughter she loved most

Was lying on her death bed aglow

Her daughter’s veins were red

On the face there were blue and black injuries

She had slammed her forehead against the wall

She had slapped herself a 100 times,

Her face was bleeding red

Her lips wore a specific design

They were cut till perfection could kiss them

Her hair were cut in a way, you couldn’t recognize

They were angular

They were circular

They were unique

They weren’t there

A candle was burning there

Light emitted was invisible

Her left hand was enclosing the flame

There were sleeping pills kept by her side

This all was grasped by her mother in one sight,

In one blink

In one tick

She yelled

Her voice reverberated

Her husband came

They RAN

They carried her to the car

Rita was living her last breathes

She was almost dead

She was not living

Self harm is not a joke

Self harm is not a passionate activity

What a crime? Which innocence?

What words? Who were the addressers?

On april 3rd her parents asked her why

My daughter repeat what happened and whY

With eyes filled with big tears

With regrets

With her recovered new soul

She narrated.

On that very day,

The guilty were found

The guilty were not jailed,

In their ears words were whispered

Which corrected their roots

The flower was ordered to ecstatic-ally raise bliss

Because the truth prevails in storybooks as in real states.



She ranaway

One day


She decided on her own

Her cousin sister knew

Her cousin brother supported

Financially, Monthly dues

In the new city, where lights were enough to blind

Where adults were drunk, they were underaged

It was a young howl

Flummoxed yell

Where guiders were unbalanced

No one knew about the plans

A house on rent

No comfort

Dreams to fulfill

That is how it worked

Little lines

She tread on

Until her path was set

She was Raima

She was 17

And she had no idea

Small town

Big clothes

Big town

Transition took

Momentum, It had her

Or maybe, she let it in.

She was a musician

She is a musician

She used to believe

That there are boundaries only parental,

On her first day, It went all good

She was assured maintenance

But gradually, unpropitious

Middle Aged Girls dance

But Middle Aged Boys Romance

Forever in security

Loosing Virgnity

Each evening

Each word spoken

Each lesser cotton piece in her dress

Her motives changed

And Her passions too.

On her balconies

Between 9-7

In his bed on Saturday nights

It was scrutinized

Gifted Teddies

Celebrated Valentines

And lost everything on that 15th Month of their Month.

And everything fell apart

Everything went from bad to worse.

In her city of dreams.

She saw black-blue-neon pink demons

Walking to her

Wanting and thanking her for

For her organs


And No

She did.

And She was okay.

Until that medical report certificate

Which did and didn’t

Her boyfriend

He simply pushed her from the 10th floor of his building

And down she went






And there she died,

But she was saved

Because she was left to

Narrate her story

To the different aged criminals

She retrieved

She was ameliorated.

Today, she is okay.

But she tells

How her first rushes were

How he kissed her

How he promised

How they made skies

How they ran

How they motorbiked

How they made heartbeats

How they broke rules

And how she went from worse to worse,

From better to worse

How she left her house

How she never listened to her parents

How her cousins said yes

And meant no.

But today, She is okay.

She is made of pulses of her own.

She is successful today,

Her parents know everything

They were shattered for a mini-second

But next they kissed her like a 4 year child.

No matter what happens

What is yours

Is yours.

And yours.

Forever Is A Lie.


Sit on engines

Full drives

From North to South

From South East

To North West

With Boyfriends

He was Kushagr

He was wildest

He was weirdest

He was happiest

He was Craziest

He was bestest

And he was, YES!

Like Yes.

He stood on mountains unknown

He knew science like scientist

He knew maths like geeks

He knew everything

He was everthing

He was the nicest

He was the smartest

He wasn’t a chick girl

He wasn’t alcoholic

He wasn’t bad man-shoot down

He was cutest

He was Kushagr

He was intelligent

He was wild

He was smart

He knew each figure

He knew guitar

He knew everything

And nobody knew him, perfectly

He was an idol

He was good

His family loved him

He was nice things amplified

He was not with girls

But he had his female friends

He wasn’t about teenage angst

He was a writer

He was an ACE player

He was a winner

He was cool

He was sugar

He was lollipop

He was chillies

He was a ruler

And everybody was in his kingdom

Everything was his

He was nice

Adjectives are less

He was more

And story continues

He was his

He was on cliffs

He was on snow

He was on stones

He was happiness left alone.

Ha was a wanderer.

And he was his name.

He was kushagr.


She lived in a glass house

She was democracy

She was a tom-boy

Girls are drama

Boys are casual

She was usual

She was nice

She was tagged

She was throwed down

But rather all her company came down.

When she drowned

She had the best partners in crime.

Not emotional

Not alphabetical

Not organized

But she was nice.

Her parents were constantly fighting

Her parents divorced on 14th Feb

Her parents broke every wall

But her friends were there with her.

On scary nights

On Saturday afternoons

On Sunday evenings

On Monday Mornings

On Wednesday Exams

On Dinners

On Suppers

they were there for her.

Girls talks

Rumors of cute crushes

New Valentines List

Revised Prom Dates

She wasn’t there.

She was planning her life

She was never in crisis.

Her  boys were there with her

She wasn’t sexual.

She wasn’t OH My Group.

She was casual.

Her life was usual.

She was cool

With her life’s people.

She was better with her friends.

She never thought of herself.

And nor did the dim boys light.

Each story has its circle.

Boys And girls

Can be friends.

Boys and girls

Can understand.

Boys and Girl

Can talk personal.

Girls and Boys

Can sleep together.

Boys and girls

Can act like nothing happened.

Boys and girls

Can act like brothers.

Boys and girl

Can act like poppers.

They can

She never had to go through

Their whateverness

She had to kiss their ass goodbye.


She is Sexy.

She is Hot.

She is Pretty till her butts.

She is yes.

She is no.

She is maybe.

She is a whore.

She is nice till nights arrive.

She is for winter.

She is for snow.

She is fat.

She is sweet.

She is shy.

She is dumb.

She is Yes.

He was a jerk.

But, he was delightful

He made hormones go high

He made girls go,


He made everything seem pretty

And somehow it happened.

He was Charming,

The bad Charming.

So, his plan was to wear them like clothes.

Knock them like dominos.

Play for a month.

Till they were on his bed.

He was one of the jerks.

But, he was appealing.

But he was

And that was it.

So he played nicely

And they fell prettily.

Each lost their virginity.

But once it happened

He pushed the wrong button

He took an argument

With Ms. Introvert.

She was Smart

He was bad.

They carried on

Until the night came

And she didn’t turn up

And what happened

Was hard to not notice

he cried

Who knows why?

She didn’t come the next day

He went to her place

She changed her place

She changed her identity

She flew away.

He was left to answer every question

He was made to think

He was stuck

He was there

He didn’t know what happened and where.

After 4 years,

On a cross junction

They met again

She was with her husband,

While he was with his pain

She didn’t recognize him.

He followed her till her restaurant.

He looked up.

He looked at her.

But she didn’t recognize him at all

He didn’t know what had caused

Such dramatic blow.

He was left with pain

He had hurt many

It was his time to lament.

He didn’t even knew anything

But he was left to lament

With his troubles.


Her nights began with dreams

Her work plan was to make people smile

Her success was her happiness

She was one of the very few

She was Ms. Serious

The same

She wasn’t into love definitions

She had summaries

She was a writer

Her life was beautiful

With her parents

With her female friends

She was the same

She was Ms. Serious

What she had done

Was none less than sins

She started with her virtual love

At the age of 11

She was posting illegal stuff

When she was 13

She was drinking when she met this man

But this man was bad and good

She lost her breathe

When she was 13 and a half

She lost her grades

She lost her parent’s hope

She lost her good friends

She lost her boyfriend’s list

She lost her everything

Each in her life

Yelled at her, every single time

She was a child of neon lights

She was a simple child.

These enzymes had to die.

She wore short skirt at 14

She wore alcoholic suits

At 14 and a month.

She had her first kiss

At 14 and a 2 month.

She held his hand.

She held his collar.

He held her nothing.

She scratched him,

She bit her,

She ruined peace.

She ruined her life.

She self harmed

At 14 and 6 months.

She committed suicide-trial.

She was sent to jail.

She was a criminal.

She was a brat.

She was a bully.

At 15 she was a writer.

She was a singer.

She was enlightened.

No happy pills taken.

Mistakes till the extent of everything.

She was nothing and everthing.

She is a writer today.

She is 20 today

She speaks to her parents straight

She is clean.

No boyfriends

No alcohol

No drugs

No driver’s license.

She is financially-socially-emotionally stable

Cuts on walls heal with paint.


Open conversations

With remnants

Green Eyes

Long Styled hair

Single Pony

NO braids

Average heights

Oratory Problems

Favourite word read as “Betrayal”

She sat in a cross manner

Try with a negative flavour

Sit on the last seat middle row

Her friends list consists

“Hot Shot Girl”


“Bad Boys”

“ Differently Stupid”

“ Back Benchers-Pass Timers”

“ Sypathisizers”

“ Back Stabbers”

She talks about Peace

She talks about humanity

She loves in her words

She is Neeharika.

She narrates stories of how her past was better

She tells people,

How here people are made of tragedies.

She narrates her sadness,

Let the seasons change

Her tone of madness won’t change

Her words seems monotonous

Headr enough

Of Neeharika’s

They help her get over it

She becomes the model

She becomes the idol

In the minds of “never-coming-back” people

She treads on the black madness

She walks in the nightstreets

She coils her hands around

Madness the bad kind

The mean kind

The fowl kind

The stale kind

She was made of it

From the heart clean

From the soul unclean


She kissed him when she was 15

On  18th March

It was Spring’s Coldness

He was tall

He was 19

Romantics of the lonely kind.

It isn’t about

How he ruined her faith

It isn’t about

How her parents locked her

It isn’t about

How the Principal went to her room

It isn’t about

Public Humiliation

It isn’t about

How her brother’s beat her

It isn’t about

How she failed 2 years consecutively

It isn’t about

The time she wasted on him

It isn’t about

The advices she was given

It isn’t about

The love she yearned for

It isn’t about

The information

It is about

Her Parent’s Meeting Day Speech

She crawled to the stage

She had scars on her face

She hid it with her cotton piece

But it showed

She cried

They looked at her

She tore her sins,

She spoke all those lies again

In a truthful definition.

She apologized,

For once it was,

I am a sinmaker

But change it is

the next step ahead.

It is about transitions,

Not the crushes

Not the exes

Not the you’s and me’s

Not about how come you here?

I dare you to stay?!



70 inch Touchscreen

A mansion in a posh place

20 servants to order

Personal Assistant, male preferably


Bullets in hand, power in cerebrum

Strategy Maker

A-Z Agendas

GTA Vice City

Left 4 dead

Counter Strike

Half Life


Team Fortress 2

Portal 2

Dead Island

Killing Floor

Dead Rising

Dead Space


Just to name a few

He was clever

With bad timing

He could have been

An all rounder

But he loved to MURDER

He liked to bully people

If that girl has short skirt?

If the watch is on the right?

If Lunatic is pronounced wrong?

If she has a decent lover?

If she is a topper?

If he is black?

If that teacher is good?

Motorbikes in PschoDrives


3 million Hits

Young Nonchalant

Don’t ask for his classroom-

Classroom Abuses

He was  smart

He was something

He was in his dreams, Something

He was trouble, the worst kind

He was a bully

He back answered

He was smart, yes

He could make people laugh on silly jokes

He could say sorry without letting the other know

He could break people’s fear in a second

Make them high in the other,

He was good

With bad timing,

Came late to class

Was the first to run

He had his personal grievances

He had a complex-structured-stupid brain

Not was he only bad at life

He was bad at emotions too



King Sized Gaming Box

Foreign Chicken by a typical chef

Normal was his rare

His respect and hate was dual

He wasn’t dual

He spoke then and there

He had to mend his ways

His social life was media

His Photograph lingered on the front page

His complaints

His tantrums

Nor was he ever

Neither will he ever be

Goodbyes to days with nightmares

He became his rare normal.


She welcomed her mother’s death

She was tiny, She was 7

Her dad marched ahead

with woman half his age

His last words to his daughter were

“You were your MoM’s asset,

You are my liability

And do I like liabilities

I  don’t”

She remembers how he

Tore the family portrait she

Had drawn

With his cruel hands

With his blood-filled hands

She was 11

Neither did she know liabilities

Nor Assets

All she wanted was

Another chocolate with a family hug

All she wanted was

Her family portrait in real

All she wanted was

To play in parks with children

All she wanted was

Breakfast- Lunches- Dinners

All she wanted was


At this age one doesn’t even know

How to spell Convolution

Who knew

Her life was to be crumbled

A month from then she was transported to her granny

Her granny was  wicked

She had no intention of educating her

She had no intention of letting her live

She believed,

That Shanaya was the reason, her parent’s parted

Full moon nights, While holding candles

Hair open, Image like a necromancer

Lighted Dark

Lighted Lies

Lighted Negativity

Open doors, Avalanche

Poison in H2O

Black Magic Drugs

13th the Friday, Shanaya was thrown in a river

She was 13

She was taken, was promised a late dinner

On the bridge her granny triggered a bad intention

She pulled Shanaya out

She pushed her

It took Shanaya, 9 seconds to freefall

Shanaya couldn’t understand

A 13 year innocent,

What connection does it make

Her grandmother ranaway

Like a criminal arrested

Like a criminal arrested

Shanaya was saved by man double her age

The man took her home

Took her home

He clothed her

He fed her

He taught her

He educated her

He cleansed her

He talked to her

He cared for her

He became his father,


Both of them together lived

They cooked together

She learnt

He saw her grow

They played together

She enjoyed

He thanked his goodness

They learnt together

She grew knowledge

He view it, as it went by

Each second with her was magical

This is a tale of a man transition to a father

And a girl becoming princess.

Princesses are let on their own

Princesses are righteous

Princesses are beautiful

Princesses are loved

Princesses are Princesses.

And a father heart is inexplicable.


While they are planning their love-dates

Some have problems with their very own self

She was in depression

When she was 13

Blame it on her parents, who were getting divorce

Blame it on her friends, who left her forlorn

Blame it on her teachers, who screamed on her

Blame it on her neighbours, who made fun of her

Blame it on her ex-boyfriend, who left her asking why

Blame it on her, she couldn’t handle her life

She had no one, she had everyone

She was popular,

In demand

Top list

Most known

Be no-one and someone for anyone


Be someone and no-one for anyone

It is for you to decide

She was no-one for no-one and still someone

She was alone

While each could be hers

She was wandering

While each could love her

She was sad

While each could entertain her

She was confused

While each could answer her

But what happens always remains secret to some

So what most do,

She did

Self harm is the cure,

That’s what most think

That is the wrong thing

No one will get me

They’ll call me weak

They will laugh

They will say I fake

They will say this is the usual deal with it

They will talk behind my back

They will say there goes the girl

I don’t want to be their talk.

Maybe I am supposed to be weak

And cut my soul each time I cry.

Not that she didn’t know the side effects

Not that she didn’t know the dark side

Just letting the pain release was more crucial

Than caring for the righteous way.

Each time she used to cut

She used to feel that she had paid for her sins

But only a sinmaker knows what sins are

What sin can a innocent girl do?

She was absolutely clean

It is all about the mind’s soldiers against the mind’s attackers

It is all about the state of unknown misery

It is a feeling of sadness

She used to cut each night, she had fixed timings

Then next day,

She would casually walk down the school runway

No-one would even know of her pains

Death is a gift, she said

Life is a mess, she said

Who are we to say

If the other decides to wake up with amnesia

Someone had to give a wake up call

Covering emotions

Building thoughts inside

Judging your decisions

Acting sanely insane

It all happens in the land called X

But goodness is our strategy,

Her best friend Crystheum

Even though she wasn’t with her physically

She was there with her virtually

She is the side role taker

She helped this soul

Get her steel wings

Once you fly

You never come back to earth

There is no going under the earth

We all live on the upmost level

Only passengers who want to go higher are allowed

Self- harm isn’t a joke

Let’s celebrate love, once again


Average Person

Good grades were not their genre

Going to school is an escape from their house

School is another kind of social media

You walk with your types

You sit with your types

You talk to your types

You think about your life

You overdo the wrong things

You redo the already dones

You joke around

You hang around

You party in your little infinity

They only understand their part of their life

Their opinion on their verdict

Their rules and their Plan B’s

They call themselves the Average-ers

They don’t study

They open their book once

Study last night to fuel each other’s grades

They call themselves the average-ers

On chats on virtual mediums

They lie repeatedly

They keep secrets of each other

Then spill it out when needed as kerosene

They call themselves the average-ers

They ruin the loners

They murder other’s dreams

Sometimes they are half way done, skeletons

They hate people, they make unions

Stand in elections,

they provide maturity license to young people

They think they are the coolest-dumb people

They tag themselves as Average-ers

Slow Wi-fi,

Their anger’s ignition point

If their crush is online

And they don’t say “hi”

The sky is falling

Their hands are trembling

Their life is another Drama

They fight like the movies

They apply make up and high heels,

They wear torn jeans and minis

They cry, when their lipstick is glossy

They cry when their parents are right

They don’t care which type to they belong

But honey, they are the kings and queens

They tag themselves as Average-ers

There is nothing to do, my life is garbage

My crush is gone with her,

How can she look pretty

Let us backstab her

Let us show her what she never thought

Who will think she can live

Let us ruin his secret

Let the whole world laugh on him

Let the whole school laugh on his innocence

Do it as you are told

Peer pressure builds up Nothing makes sense

If you don’t party you are cruel

If you party, you are drunk

Categorised people they are,

Don’t mess with them, your whole life is cracked

Never return to their Junkyard



Turn around

Make it end

Win their hearts

To be honest

There is nothing better than that

Walk back

Take a stand

Hit it without hitting

Make it last foreverity

Let them know

Who is wrong and right

Keep a mirror against their wrongs

Start it now

Let it conclude

Cause hiding from your fear

Can only make you an experienced coward.

Let it begin





Change they don’t

When they do

You come undone

Black stands for storms

Stands for rules

Stands for their tyrant city

Stands for their slaves

Grey is superstitious

It is superstitious

And it is superstitious

It could be good, when they say

It could be mean, when they have a tough day

It good be bad, if they are late

It is what they decide

It is what they decide

She is a summary

Cry her a  river

She is a motivator

She is a riffle now

She was a thatched roof then

The walls of her house

Questioned her

What allowed  you  to speak?

The paint of her ceiling

It believed in  de-motivating spirits

She was a loner

She was a hypocrite

She was a soldier

She was a cutter

She had ideas devastating her clean-ness

It isn’t the external factors

It is your internal nothings which kill you

Which let you rot

When you can’t handle

You blame on things

When you are in pieces

You yell on your past

When you are happy, you think of lies

When you are into, you want more bliss

Nothing to be sad of

She had no worries

A faithful boyfriend

A huge family

A caring brother

And good guidance in life

But the insecurities

crawl each time you let them

Nobody can throw you

Until you ofcourse don’t decide

Eventful weekend made it look pretty again

Darling, life isn’t glitters

It is sparkles regained.

The rain drops caressed her cheeks

It took her pain away

That night she saw her real inside

Never did she feel weak again,

Don’t let your demons take you for granted

Let your stars shine bright.

Jump higher

Sing louder

Speak softer

Love- epidemics

Let them

Let yourself

Clarify your doubts

Sweetness isn’t bitter after all.


If you don’t decide in a second

Then they  will draw your whole life,

In front of you

And you’ll hardly know

What to do?

How it goes?

Who you really are ?

What you really want ?

How it turns out to be?

What you’ll have to do?

Where you’ll have to go?

How you’ll survive?

Where will you live?

Can you breathe there?

Or are they picking on you again ?

Cause you have got a weak heart.

You’ll have to do it anyway,

So why not give it up,

My dear

The scene fades.

She left her choices

She left her dreams

She left her things

She left her likes

She abandoned her old self

Just to fit in the new world

Created by people

People who were her blood touch

People who had already,

ruined their own success

People who had freedom

But wanted tyrant rule instead

Cause they say

1 is better than rest.

So you,

Hardly want to know about their bad ideas

And the rest

They had created.

She wore long sleeves


she could cut when she needed

She could feel herself when needed

She could watch her blood dripping

She could know she was alive

Each time she walked inside the bathroom

Her front- down- right pocket had blades

Each had letters inscribed on it

Which symbolized days

7 for 7 days

Different cuts

Some were worn out

Some were fresh

2 were old

3 were new edge

She had to let it flow

She had a decision

Only one

She was a cutter for 7 years

They took her every thing

They let it overshow

She never let anyone know

She thought

“Only strong people ruled this world,

Weak people are supposed to die young”

7 years is a long time period

Over the years, she lost her appetite

She became weak

She lost weight drastically

She started living on water

Whenever she ate, she vomited

She was sick

She was drowning

Nobody gave her a hand

She was a film

Everybody romanced

She was caught in a cycle of random ideas

She took candles and burnt her hair

She sketched a time-table

7 years all alone

7 years in

Self harm

The days she saw were horrible

They were terrible

They were ghostly

She became her own nightmare

She lost everything

There came a time

When she couldn’t speak

She used to where Cargo with oversized t-shirts

She became lanky

She had nobody

From “X’ place to “Y”

From “Z’ place to “K”

With her nails she scratched her face

Her face had lines

With her long knives she had made

Wonderful-amazing-breathe taking spirals

On her thighs

She used to smoke

Grew dusty particles made her feel living again

She was ruined by the world

She was heart pieces

Her future was priced

No stories are finished


they don’t have

a good beginning

on 15th November

she was sitting alone

in a public place

she had a small blade in her hand

She was to self harm

When from no-where a man came

He was 20

She was 18

He had been through this madness

She needed someone to last a foreverity

He held her hand

He walked her home

That night he fed her

After 7 dark years

She inhaled fresh love in secrecy

He with his caressing hands

Held hers

He kissed on her forehead,

Love has the power to stop the wrong

She transformed from Emo to Daisy.

She loved again her ownself

She looked wondrous again

Days with sorrows and pain were bid goodbyes to,

Never again.


She was with him for 2 months

They were together every single time

Nights and days


Days and nights

Nights are associated with beds

And beds are associated with copulation

And copulation is diagnosed after months

When you are still in school as a kid

And you grow with one more kid

How it feels ?

How you deal?

How they think ?

How you cry?

She has her own narrative

She was 14

When she missed him

On the night

They just slept together

They never saw it coming

But something was coming

And something did come

4 months from that night

Her stomach bulged

She fell sick more often

Her sister grew anxious

She took her to a nurse

After the 5 minute test

The results


penned down

on white long sheets.

She was pregnant,

She was a kid

She had a soul inside her little self,

That evening she went back with her sister

Her sister told her

“Dear whatever happened, happened,

We won’t go back

I will help you

I will understand you in each of yours,

But we will have to keep it a secret from

Our parents”

Her sister was 21

She was experienced

She had a boyfriend

She herself was pregnant

when she was a teen

She chose abortion instead

Choices are made according to one’s own minset

But her sister wanted to let this soul live,

Next day,

Her sister met her boyfriend,

First she investigated

Later that week she bombed him

With the test results

His expressions were unexpected

He wanted the child to live

He wanted to be a caring dad

He went to her lady’s house

And carefully caressed her womb

He promised her

That he would do everything he could

She faced all problems

She had back aches

He layed her bed

She had to study

He read her chapters

She had to do schoolwork

He arranged suitable conditions

She had tantrums

He became a lover, the sweetest one

She had mood swings

He entertained her

She had morning sickness

He cleaned washrooms

She had hunger swings

He cooked

Her sister was there to inspect

Her sister and her boyfriend and her own boyfriend

Helped her through the left months

On 17th April she was rushed to the hospital

She was sent inside

He went inside too

She had tears in her eyes

He had moist eyes too

She pushed

She pushed

She pushed

And then she lost her breathe

The baby girl was born

The mother was revived

Both were safe

Her boyfriend cleaned her body

And then felt her body

Both of them were elated

Mother was weak

Dad was weak

Child was strong enough to take their pains away

They were happy

The girl walked home

With her newly born and her boyfriend

She narrated her narrative

She was hugged

She was made to sit

The new position takers

Were happily living.


On that Tuesday night

Her boyfriend carried her to his bed

She said no twice

But he heard none of hers

They had their activity

In the morning she woke up alone

She clothed herself

And walked slowly to her

Life’s principal,

She knew what was going to happen,

But she was taught to yell the truth

So she did

She confessed,

She was slapped

Each trial

Isn’t respected

She was taken for tests

They were positive

Her family was against it

She was told to abort it

She cried

She silently in secrecy

Called his sinmaker

She told him

With voice low,

He freaked out

His intention was not to do so

He was confused

He told her to give him time

She didn’t know anything

She told her friends,

She shouldn’t have

But to age where she belonged,

She hardly knew how the real world was


She whispered her secrets


Secrets turned to secrets

Turned to other people’s secret

Turned to stranger’s secret

Turned to other people’s secret

And finally the whole school knew about it

The whole school

Knew about what happened?

How it happened?

Who was to blame?

Who was to tag?

Who was to stab?

She cried again,

She stopped attending her classes

Her teachers got to know

About her secrets

These secrets are better known

To some secret keepers

When secrets are flooded

Droughts come with them

Her teachers came home


They got another

Topic to gossip about

Not all did

She had her comforters too

Some helped her too

Sessions were kept to educate her parents

And the culprit about

Teenage pregnancy

They thought

Probably a little soul

Will not be that bad to keep

So let the first idea drown

They set up livable conditions

She was taken care of

She was fed properly

She was kept safely

7 months passed away

Her friends came to say “Hello”

She had denied meeting them after their sins

She denied meeting them now again

Her boyfriend never returned,

Some people come and go

Most people come and go

Most of them don’t say

Some of them who do

Are the only one important

On the day of delivery

Her father kissed her forehead and apologized

He apologized

Love grew

The soul was born

She was loved




Friday nights

Saturday mornings

You don’t know

How the last night went





you kissed


said a word

Cause you were high on dosage

You don’t know a word

You accumulate last night’s memories

You find out

You were in people’s arms

On unknowns lips

On girl’s pants

And you should have raised

But you were too drunk

You collect your identity

You follow a path different

When on social media

You get stupid comments

You regret doing anything

But you carry on

It was supposed to be a safe hangover











months and months

of back

and forth

When you suddenly realize

something is wrong

You vomit too often

You are missing periodic activities

Your hormones are too high


You are pregnant

You don’t know

How it happened

Who is to blame

Who is the male partner in crime

You suck life


Slowly you

Make out

That probably

It was your bestfriend

And she worked up the nerves

She told him secretly

They were together since 3rd grade

He hugged her tightly

He said


I am sorry,

I donot

know hw it happened

But I promise to let you have

Your decision survive”

“Would you like it to live”

She asked “will you be there?

Will it be tough?

Will you leave me in the middle?

Will you make me feel stupid?

He answered,

“I have known you since we were little,

I ain’t crazy to left you alone

I’ll be there

I will let him survive,

only if you want”

She said


He said


They planned together

They researched

They made frequent visits

To white rooms

They studied

They cared for each other

The gestation perios was slow

But eventually they fell in love

On the morning of 6th April

The child was born

She was an angel

He kissed her daughter

She kissed her to-be-husband.


She was a daughter

She was a student

She was an alumni

She was a friend

She was a girlfriend

She was undefined

She was clean water waves

They crashed too often on the shore

They wetted the shores

They narrated theirs to the sky

The birds offered nothing but sorrows

She was her delight

Double crossbow

Throwing pebbles is seriously funny

What if you are mentally drowning

What if the whole world lied,

The same lied, till you hate the word

Which binds human rights

She is a beautiful latent heat

She is a chemical compound

Who’s more likely an element

They left her cring on the strest

She has always known sorrow and despair

They left her on her birthday eve

Media reports they woke up,

wanting more money

She lost her faith

She broke her nails

Her eyes had fears

They turned into tears

She was a storybook

Each came on the display

In the same museum

where you find many other

She is a wax statue

She is a human being

She hasn’t been loved, carefully

Each comes to know

What is she inside

She has a long list of ex lovers

But she always loved this one mean man

That man used to double date

But the media reported

He was seemingly clean

Any haters were deported

So the princess

Was never given any chances

To know about his other dreams

Both used to spend nights together

At his place

She was homeless

He helped his crave

She thought it was love

It was a serious care of drugs

That mean man

Used heroine

It was his usual

He smuggled

He was parent-less too

If you are into web designs

Then you like spirals too

He checked her 5-9

She thought,

He cared

Innocent enough to forget the rest

She gave her all in

Didn’t lose her virginity

All the rest were known

Soon as never

The whole world stood against her

Her best friend

Started with her lover too

She used to snapchat him

With pictures you find casually

In a geek’s magazine

Finally she was never loved

She broke the 4 year RELATIONSHIP

On a single telephonic convo,

Your past never leaves you

Till the time

You don’t learn from it

And she didn’t

The same months

She met another



Lately she is safe

But those months were swinging from one monkey bar

To another

So she could fnd peace somewhere

In this land called “X’

But later she migrated

Because once clean

You cannot afford to be a disastrous scene again.


Lovers on a side beach

Haters on the front view

Parents in the back mirror

So he walked past

Slow enough

He bumped into his stars

He never knew the meaning of


He wasn’t a demotivated dream

But his dreams

Were to kiss his wife-going-to-be

He was a random usual

He was a boy afterall

He was a different streak of light

He loved his going-to-be wife

But adversity- almighty

It had been a year

All went good

Gifts exchanged

Money gained

Went on 7 dates

Each time to a new restaurant

Each time ate the most expensive menu item

Not sarcastically


He was a random unusual

He was caring

He was Tall

He was 5’9

Taller than his wife-going-to-be

He had his bad habits

He was madly in love with his cigarette

His wife going to be

And her mom

Abhored his this activity,

They carried on

Young lovers

Usually don’t


The circumstances

Of young






He wasn’t brains

She wasn’t Barbie

They weren’t pretty

All together




Is blind



As this





They carried on,

He came back late that day

He didn’t communicate that day

She was worried

She served herself a warning

This could be








Next day in break

He didn’t stop her

He didn’t come her way

In fact after her investigation

She was greeted with a fact that

He is sick with another cigarette attack

He is again, back to his chain smoking habits

She dropped

His friends lifted her

She fainted, she was carried

To the school’s medical examination centre

Indeed, she was sick

There he was sick,

Here she was sick

Little complications make it all look bright

Now worries

No sadistic pleasure

Just no communication

For 2 long weeks,

Just 2 weeks

Another 2 weeks

Accompanied by another 2 weeks

With another 2 weeks

Dived 52 by 2x

Some glasses break

Even when no force is applied






He was hospitalized

He was sent to a rehabilitation centre

She was sent home

They never met again

Not even do they sing songs






They are same sides


A copper



Shy People

Don’t survive

Shy people

Are disturbing

Shy people

Are discomforting

Shy people

Are nuisance

She people

Don’t think twice

Shy people

Aren’t friendly

Shy people

Have ego mysteries

Shy people

Look horrible

But if they tag you

They are smart, really?


Shy people make the best comforters

Come in

Go out

Don’t make your presence count

But there has to be some round about

He was a man, a shy man

She was a girl, bombshell

She had the whole school talking about her,

Take it positive

Take it negative

Her followers will preach you well

She used to stare

At him

He used to get crazy

She used to try and talk

He used to runaway in shock

So a final





Asked him

If he could run? She ran across the field

He later caught her by her arm

In a middle school field

Just 2 souls

Running and dancing

He asked her

“If he was a nerd”

She said

“Eh Mr. don’t define yourself

You are pretty charming for any new comer”

They were running

From what

Nobody knew

But they were running

The sun showed up



Then it showed up at right

‘Then it showed up in front

Each day

In school

After school

Before school

These people used to talk straight

He was shy

She was wild

So they balanced

He gifted her manners

She gifted him manliness

They were friends

Defying the rule

Girls and boys cannot be friends,

Each shy person

Has a story for his silence

He has walls around his thoughts

They rebound in those  layers

They get sick usually

They are left out by society

They are tagged names

They are thought as some

But hey are not that

Lend them  a hand

Let them prosper

They are the coolest people

They know most things

They know Algebra



P.S. 3

Formula Racing

Cheat Codes



A normal teenager knows

Their silence is their main feature

Let them grow







There might be 2

Might be 5

Might be 7

But they are all tied,

They don’t care about opposite gender

To them everyone is equal

Till love declares its arrival

They are all soulmates

They sit together

They walk together

They defend each other

They are partners in crime

When one has to

Commit a bad sin

All will guard him

From its spine

When one will have

to give up “Z” thing

They will line up

In alliance say goodbye,

They are one

Without each  other

Complete to each other

They are laughing gas

They are tear gas

Middle 2

Front 1

Middle back 3

At last 5.

They clap

They don’t listen

They don’t understand

What the world thinks of them

They laugh

Knowing they aren’t average

They are ordinary gentlemen

Their grades are low

But their spirits hughest

They don’t carry girlfriends

But their female friends are slow upcoming

They could be rude

They could be silent

They can be found

Near the lockers

In washroom lines

Near the water dispenser

Near the bad fight


They aren’t critics

They aren’t mean men

They aren’t wanderers

They aren’t lost and found properties

They aren’t again recovered mortalities

They aren’t “Hey, how you doing?

My night is free”

They are different


They won’t interfere

But they’ll impact

They do their little

Their smile is an unknown fact

They Laugh

They jump

They play

They are daring

Yet they don’t conquer

They are ordinary men

This isn’t to classify them

They are respected from within

They are given their dignity

They are guarded by their own sayings

They are unique

They are rare

They are spitted on

They are declared as stupid

It is needed that they are given space

If recognition cannot be provided

Atleast give them


They are not periodic covers

They are not come and gos

They are wonderful unknowns

Over years they change their style

But they know go out of style

They are ordinary men.

They are happily in their strengths


She is sad

Everyone can see that

She is broken

Everyone can see that

She is frustrated

Everyone can see that

She is crying

Everyone can see that

She is trying

Everyone can see that

She is depressed

Everyone can see that

She is tired

Everyone can see that

She is walking

She has been, broken trust of,

Her family is a piece of touch

Her sandstorms

Her bloodruined face

Everyone sees that

Noone says a word

Everyone sees that

Noone dares say

Her family is a touch of snow

She is Cindrella

She is Annabelle

She is cindrella

She is Annabelle

She has a sparkle

Which is slowly rusting

She is officially bi-polared

She is officially heartbroken

She is officially dead

But each sees that

But noone dares to speak

Her family is a touch of gold

She likes no jewelry

She sets her targets high

She went for guitar classes

Music was only her hideout

When noone is

Music is

Salute to all

Who have experienced good luck in melody

She walked up each


She rolled out herself

For 1 year and half 6 months

She toiled

And worked

She was recognized as an artist

The sparkle in her eye

Was nothing

But rotten tears

Slowly transforming

Volcanoes do not erupt in a day

We aren’t leis

We are lies built together

Complicated simplicity

Girls dreams in book pages

Write letters

Write emails

Long distance relationship do not work

That is a lie

We are lies built together,

Little by little we conquer

All at one we lose

Little by little we target

All at once we are bruised

Her first kiss

With a boy, Swag, stolen

Her first date

With a boy, swag, stolen

Her first love letter,

With a boy, swag, stolen

Her first everything

It is difficult to understand

How one is crushed



The end

The story begins

With a new husband

Like a new pair of shoes

Old is gold Parents

And Fancy ladies

To each his own

She desired only her level best

For difficulties are presented in suitcases packed.


1st Love letter


“My darling, I love you”

2nd Love letter


“My honey, I love you”

3rd Love Letter


“Little Dress, And my touch

What else do we need”

4th Love letter

Formally stated

“Baby, room no.’s 114”

5th Love letter


“Maybe you look good”

6th Love letter

On the ground

“I miss the old lips,

I miss your hands on my finger tips”

7th Love letter

On the ground

“would you like to stay




For the


8th Love letter

“Let’s drive out,

In the woods

Only lush greens”

9th Love letter

“I am sorry for last night”

10th love letter

“I regret”

11th Love letter

“Why not”

12th Love letter

“Let’s try, please”

13th love letter

“You are defective,

A line of yous

Wait for me’s,

Goodbye, the pictures are still with me”

14th Love letter

“I self harmed

Reason: I MISS YOU,


15th love letter

“I am dead, darling come back, the nights are lonely

The days are wet”

16th Love letter

“Nobody s there to collect”

Never been in love

Never knew the after effects

She thought

He was convinced

She tried

He made it a rule

She was a wave

He was particles

She reflected

He deflected

She refracted

He converged

Pictures of romance

In school pants pockets

Trading for each kiss

In public love points,

Messages of love crave

Deleting each

For every night you spend

You are crippled

You are assaulted

You are hung up

On a poster

Saying “WANTED”


Self respect


A single sound

From a crowd

A single wounded


She declared herself unclean


Right there

She credited him

For dragging her







As the whole school listened

He was arrested

all the others applauded

While he was thrown into the cleanser.

Never again isn’t just a phrase


When a best friend

Steals a best friend

When a best fiend

Steals a boy friend

When a best friend

Steals respect

When a best friend

Discloses secrets

When a best friend

Records the things said

When a best friend

Isn’t the one you thought

When the best friend

Has another mindset

When a best friend

Isn’t the trusted kind

When a best friend

Sleeps with your boyfriend

When a best friend


When a best friend

Transports information

When a best friend


All the promises

To stay forever

All the lucky charms

All the bracelets

Red Lipstick transition

High heels exchange offer

The dresses

Who looks amazing ?

Who looks Fab ?

Not to mention

Who looks that?

All the agreed disagreements

All the he’s wrong

She said “I’ll be there when you fall”

She must have meant “Just fall, I’ve dug out your grave too”

They both were besties since 3rd grade

9 years of friendship

They say is hard shared

They used to stay together in one apartment

Petals of same flower

They used to cut together

They used to work in different places

But their roots were same

They had several crushes

All were distinguishable

They let go of themselves

They were back home

If one was low

The other was there

If one was happy

Other was a wine bottle

If one was angry

The other broke all boundaries

to make the giver feel guilt

They were judges

in the courts

of their life’s.

They used to do their firsts together

They had their dark sides

They knew each other

No rules made

Love is unconditionally traded

Christmas, summer, valentine

Dressup, party, friends and clients

They were divas

They were synecdoche

They were alliteration

They were a metaphor of carbon

They had their arrangements aligned

No one can survive in surveillance

They were kid-mother

One was mom

Other was kid

They muttered in silence

They sprang up togther

They had the usuals

U’s And Me’s

But friendship listens to nothing of sorts,

Something changes somewhere

Because someone is a hack

Life is a cheat

They were broken

No one knows why

There were reports in media

That they wanted more fame

But honey, life is sans

Once broken

Twice thought

They were thrice taught

They did a mistake

Rather than stitching in time

They burned the cloth from both sides

World is a fuel to fights

More you show

More they hide

Stories aren’t told to listen and forget

Curved designs are alcohols

Symmetrical are men,

They didn’t reconcile

But they learnt what was unknown.

Staying safe isn’t a synonym for life

Hurt yourself once

You are a soldier second time


Web designs


Coding in QBasic



Shortforms of abbreviation








Curly hair


Extra Superficial

What goes inside is a secret

No one knows




No girls

Crushes unknown








And something

Is wrong

When something is hidden.

Humor is okay

Shyness is okay

But strange behavior

Towards people

Is a serial killing problem



No self respect

What people say

He digested it

Not a corner seat

Not a middle seat

A flower which had no place to grow

He was a peach tree in a carbonated drink

No sunlight

No roots

He had a decent background

But he was a mystery

What he said

Meant something

What he wanted to say

Meant something else

He was denatured ethanol

He was a fragrant pungent smell







What was not lost

Was regained

He was a hyper-de-ventilated tree

He was made living again

In a simple definition of simplicity


Pink Mini Shorts

Red Lipstick

Glossy Lips

Blue  Corsets

Rolled Hair

Fancy Clips

Painted Nails

Croptops, slay

Walk with one

Share things with another

She had no constant

She tried to be her forever

These were two Ladies

One was tagged Crazy

One was Tagged Pretty

The crazy one

Was more pretty

The pretty one was more crazy

But they were tagged while being lazy

They walked together

They hid together

They sheltered themselves

Both had lovers

One was cute

Another was smart

The cuter one was more smart

The smarter was more cute

But they went on

With their teenage love

It so happened that the pretty girl

Had to interfere

In each matter

Which didn’t concern her , at all

She poked her nose

In people’s friendship

She tried the old rule

Of divide and rule

First she proposed the ideas from one side

Then rebuttaled her initial verdict by taking another stand

She  was a preacher with a bad intention

She couldn’t be truly anybody’s

Each soul in her class

Liked her only

Because she had beautiful scars

She was never given her worth

Nobody likes diamond with its ego

She tangled people’s new born relations

She spread the real-rumors

She published it on teacher’s ipad

She acted like a saint

But she was unclean

Unclean and saintliness are on other side of reality

But each knew her insanity being sane

She always wanted to be seen with respect

What she did with another

Was another opponent’s trouble

She was another blood

She was pretty, Yes

She was good looking, Yes

She was attractive, Yes

She was mean, Yes

She was made of plastic, yes

On that Valentine’s day

She showed her real colours

She told the vice captain of the hidden love symbols

In the ears of the senior vice captain

She said “ I will tell you

Where the things are kept

In return you’ll have to do me a favour”

He said, “yes”

She told him

And she happily ruined the relationship

The pretty girl was more crazy

She let out the secret

The couple was given detention,

Then she tried her another trick






She started writing letters on behalf of people

She started with 2 boys

1 girl

She made love the ugliest joke

Both boys were hinted that the girl loved them

The boys were known to be her likers, anyway

So it happened

That a relation was established

She was a fraud

And so it happened

5 weeks from then

Both planned to confess

Both of the boys were initially best friends









So their friendship was fueled with fake love letters,

The girl was taken aback

The boys had an attack

Nor the girl

Neither the boy knew who was the victim

Who was the torturer

The girl, the pretty one

She was awarded with love

She was a black magician

She was a witch undisguised

She went on with her mean acts

She kept on decrypting

Nobody could encrypt

Each rain has its unplanned motive

Each cloud has a silver lining

Each storm has a focus point

Each wave has its motive

Each poison cures some incurability

Each activity happens for a reason

Each man is walking dead if he is yet not endangered,

Bad circumstances are starting

Good environment is a passing by stage

Nobody knows where the destination leads to

But each torturer is taxed and transmogrify.

She was turned a human too,

She apologized on the new year’s eve

She completed all her undone tasks

Ever evil soul is a beginning stage of a saintly death.


He left her

She left him

He started

She ended

He said, Aisha

Would you mind if I tell you a truth

She said, Prateek

Would you mind if I told you

That I knew too

He said,

So can we say together

She said

It is simply said than ever better

Their lips on the count of 3

They started with the same syllable

They ended with parallel  tantrum

They had no goodbye kiss, after it

It was another breakup

After breakup math

She walked in the rain

He walked away with his next girlfriend

They say,

Girls, they are like trains

Don’t wait for any

They have their stations,

He kissed her new girlfriends

His new female asked what he was doing

He said,

Darling, I had to clear some doubts with my ex-lady

She said, I rubbed out my scars

This early morning

Both were unclean

They went together

To find a peaceful serenity

Aisha walked slowly

She rewinded all the lies

She remixed all the black kisses

She separated all her rushes

What was left was his fame in her name

In the littlest corner of her heart

She had the butterscotch hair

They looked like rhinoceros’s braid

All the water vapours were colloidal-tyndall effect

She fixed herself in her room

Took a pencil and a broom

What was waste was thrown away

All the past dates were written

New oaths were taken

Somewhere she saw it coming towards herself

Thus, she wasn’t heartbroken

When it isn’t your very first heartbreak

You know how to handle your remnants

This was her 6th heartbreak

She had known the flaws

She continued for a cause

In the place called “X”

It is uncool and unhealthy to stay single

They tag you with ceremonies

You are properly sermonized

Love is a word repeated again

In this place it is more verbal than physical


It is more physical than emotional


It is more versional than rational

She wrote her dates

She certified her singularity

She went on her dreams

He went on his trail

Nor did they instersect

Neither were they parallel








Teenage In Dignity

When you are young

You experiment with new gadgets

When you are mature

You know how to handle and the after maths


Teenage love is a spoiler

It is ruin

It is specific

It is love engaged in young runners


Never been in love

She knew it was special

They say,

When you are in love

You are the lucky chosen one

So she experimented

For once

First trials

Always are tough


First trials

always teach the unlearnt

Mixed each in right proportions

Like love was another game

Like love was another reaction

Like love was another magnetic attraction

She got her first proposal

He was a young tall gentleman

It was his first too

She was an overnourished pretty heart

They attempted to make flower bed,

A flower’s bed

When they first met

They were clueless

They were silent

They were hardly listening

When they met again

They were happy

They said

Only these words

“Hey! I miss you already!”

They knew nothing

But in their heart they were playing

Like a pschodrive was garnered

And they were mere players

They are all players

Made to learn again

Love isn’t any lunatic wanderer’s desire

Love is not a museum statue

Love is that undefined stream of silent madness

Which when respires Everything dies confidently

On their 5th meeting

They whispered for the first time

They knew nothing

But in their hearts

They were playing with each other’s tangibility

Little by little

Slowly but consecutively

Their meetings were arranged

Their conversation’s epoch lengthened

They were summarized

Their friends called them the next king and queen

On their 13th meeting

They kissed

The sensation of the rise of hormones

The sensation of the high feeling

The touch of the lips of something always seen

It is the same sensation when felt feels like bliss


Water flows

it flows from the high end to the low level

It goes anti and pro

It cuts though when it isn’t allowed

It isn’t the cleanest medium

It does what it wants

Demand drafts aren’t to sanctioned

But here,

Their love started fading














The same bliss is inverted

And it all happens all over again

The first goodbye kiss

On a cold spring day

December ain’t cold

It is the same

Last pages

Of a new notebook

Just to say

“We’ll never return again”

So they ruined

Their forever

In  a blink of an eye

Their tantrums

Were to blame

Their first was recorded in their hearts,

They both know

They both learnt

Bit if they ever knew

Love isn’t all romance

They might have worked it out better.

They are mature after their forgotten epitome of first.


They were 9

They were different bloods

All for one

One for all

They were aligned

They were in sync

They were a group

They were strong

Number of distractions came

Number of boyfriends stood

Number of teenage misunderstanding

Number of grades

Number of school fights

Number of I Likes

Number of you are poor

Number of fashion rights

Number of family crisis

Number of hatred lessons

Number of wrong dealings

Number of I hate you’s

Number of Why am I to blame

But they were stictched cotton pieces

They had their different designs

Their different genres

Their different ideas

Their different wants

Their different wishes

But that one thing which united them was their passion

Their passion

They had for their dreams

They were happy in their little

But all were barred from living freely

Family conserves

It preserves

It decides on its experiences

It won’t let you if past was cruel

They are anxious

They can be stubborn

Many times

Most times

Often times

And usually

All of the time

Their concern is mis-interpreted

Their family sea

Was one of these sights


They carried on

They carried out their activities in secrecy

Only the cousins

Knew where each was heading

Those cousins were in their teenage dignity

All of them were middle-ages

They were modern

But they had their roots buried

All of them

Were aware

Of te society’s dark side

But all of them were eager

All of them were wandererd

All of them were bearing

A restriction unnamed

They couldn’t meet their friends

They couldn’t wear a brand

They had to buy a specific cost

They had to do a thing in its pre-default manner

It is many unsaid

Fondly unlearnt habits

Adults get carried away

Even as kids

Adults hated their boundaries

But when you grow

You understand the mis-conceptualized


These were the cousins

In this land called X

They were all for one

They were survivors

And they were saviors

They had their clashes and conflicts too

But all of them were resoved

Well in time

Like a tree with  its dendrites

Like water with its dirt

Like sky with its painted clouds

Like everything with its nothing

Like love with its jealousy

Like black with its white

Like a prince with his daughter

They were loving while their parents

Their parents were carried away

Carried away with their workaholic sessions of unhappiness

This world called X

Is cruel and mean

It has patches of love

All for one

All for neat.


A gang of friends

Another gang of team mates

A story unfolds

The blood molecules

The 98 cross sector

It has a lamp post

Near it

It has another traffic light

These people

Were walking

Were struggling

On a cold eveing

They were not told

About what was going to happen

Hey came across each other

They were opponents

In the football team

Last week

It so happened


One was partially

Made the winner

That revenge isn’t the only one

The losing teams’ girlfriends

All changed their boyfriends

They all yelled in harmony

They said

“we change sides accordingly”

They were lovers

Until the last week


They welcome attention

They were greeted with humiliation

They were designed spots

On the school front confession page

Not only that

They all were sad

They held cigarettes

Like a man with his wife

Like a dad with his kite

Like a soldier with his knife

Like a girl with her strive

They had lighters

Like a lamp  in sunlight

Like a heater in summer

All of them

Were dragging their feat

After their defeat

After their PLAn B

So when the silently passed each other’s shoulders

The death scene happened

The losing team didn’t react

The winning team

Was the first to say

And the deathline was raised

The demons cheered

Silent night on a silent road

Silent light by a silent smoker

Silent fight with silent screams

Silent armors with silent guns

With silent love with silent revenge

With silence is silence

And hunger provoked

And silence is silence

And silent yields

And silence

Both of them yelled and scream

Like another democratic movement





A monarch


Has been


For an hour with sticks

And knives

And rods

And headlights

All was used

Finger nails

Jacket hooks

Canines and incisors

And kicks and punches

All were used


Make their


In silence




And silence isn’t coming

So they were

Just beating

18 years old

Nothing and everything

They knew all the consequeces

They knew words

Like patience

And killings

They knew


The restrictions

They knew

What was the outcome of brutal repression

But they weren’t told

How to





Their teenage dignity

Their young mistakes


Young brains

Their fresh




Undefended power

Their sadness

And their silence.



And dead cells

All apologized

Said we will never twice

In an hour of disintegration

They found their integrity

When a 4 year orphan

Asked them what were they fighting for

And the way

He asked the answer

They way his eyes were shining

The way he looked

He was a small kind of eye-opener

The gang became a team

And bowed their heads

In silence another word was spoken

With ruined blood-running faces

They kissed each other on their injuries

When 18 year old sickness is pierced

All wound disappear

Their new found flesh

Their muscles and bones

Their new found madness

Was congratulated for

That day when they went home

And their parents said what

They silently said

“Silence isn’t good for anybody,

A word of another type solves silence

Of every type”

























Not compatible























So they thought of uniting

They were encouraged monsters

Their parents knew 0percent

Their teacher weren’t provided with information

Their guiders were unnamed

Their guiders were unnamed

Their guiders were not recognized

But they weren’t to blame

One day

Each day

Another day

Each hour

Next hour before a day

This week next week

Another day

It all happened simultaneously

They worked with their guns

Their ad perfection

Who knew it would be

Another type of tragedy

On 17th May

With 2 shooters

With two terrible tiny mosters

The 2 walked

To their school

And shot a boy

Who had troubled them

He was a rich boy

With rich deals

He was a rich dollar

The teachers were not aware of the murder mystery

After the premiere

The parent’s were called

They knew nothing

They were interrogated

They sketched out some drawings

They narrated some incidents

A boy was shot for no reason

Another plan was in the making

The 2 insects

Who were indeed humans

Was recognized

As terrible volcanoes now

The 2 boys were found in the garage

Cleaning their weapon

The two were submitted

To a cleansing machine

Their minds were read

Their habits were checked

Their activities were tapped

The guider was caught

All the other trainees were submitted to other centres

The boy who had been shot

Was revived

It is another mystery

But the story remains quite clean

For 3 years the boys

Were cleansed

Their tantrums

Their likes

Their compassions

Their wishes

Their choices

Their proof

Their demands

Their environment

Their psychology

They were cleansed

Another insects were revived to kids again.

A criminal isn’t born

The criminal is produced

Not by choice

But by demand,

Nobody in this world is bad

It is their deeds

The wrong doings at the right time.



Close Enough

She was little

Had her ways

In her dreams

Only some allowed

Others sides arranged

She was

She was bounded by hers

She wasn’t always let on her own

She wanted

She pleaded

She asked

She cried

If she could be allowed


She would be

Complicate her simple links

Tangle her clarity

Inside 6 walls without any beauty

Ugliness of reality

Virtual happiness

She was a dreamer

She was a wanderer

But her mother was and her mother never let her

All of hers were trashed

She was cut into pieces with invisible lines

She rather runaway

Her likes were hidden

Her dreams were erased

Only good food with expired dates

In was her 6 walls V/s reality

And you know

What is good, what is not

Her activites were censored

Her kind words were claimed

She was scolded if she spoke

She was yelled at if she didn’t

Her lover were many

She was loved like a queen

She was clothed in her dignity

Transition had to be preponed

All the negativity she was served

It was tranffered into hers happily

All those cold-laptop-night looks

All he breakfast-lunch-diner-silence

All the fingerprints and brightlights

They burned bright

To take her high

Inverted and lateral designs

Are focused on different glasses.


Stand there

Sit down

Move 180*

Stop now

Take a left

Move right

Anti clockwise

Left your right hand

Take it down

She was an alumni

She studied dance moves

For 7 years

3 hours each evening

2 hours early morning

18th june

One single no

It was all it took

To shatter all her work

They stood together

She stood facing them

She had a scholarship letter from the dance academy

With high hopes and cloud 9 faith

With footsteps in air

She uttered

Will you let me go ?

They denied,

After a pause,

They said “No”

She dropped on the floor

She was broken

All it took was a single “No”

She asked, “why”

They had already walked away

They weren’t anywhere in sight

She cried

For the first time and the last too

Everything was never true

It was all a lie

She went back to the place she lived

She ate,

She slept

She woke to regret

She ate

She was fine

3 months in an unknown level of ambiguity

Her parents had an official meet

18th sept, they confessed

Dear daughter, we want you to earn respect

Kindly do not shake off your organs to earn,

The words were heard at an inaudible frequency

With a low staggering voice

With decisions half cooked

Shestated :im sorry but im not staying anymore’

She packed her bag

And went to her relative’s place

They made her a star

Less their name

She burns brighter.


A few steps

In the wrong direction

Then a few steps

With experiences

A few steps

With unknown disagreements

A few steps with self esteem

A few steps

With reality

A few steps

While wanting more

A few steps

Just to sum it up

A few steps

With someone

A few steps


A few steps

While being unnamed

A few steps

With fame

A few steps

In anxiety

A few steps

In pain

A few steps in sorrow

A few steps

In vain

A few steps

In teenage life

Are a few steps

When you make a mistake

It is okay

To Not  be okay

Nobody is perfect

And perfection is just another


Just remember before taking that

Unnecessary step

It might turn sorrow into the worst

Being popular

Is not all glitters

Being skinny

Isn’t good

Being beautiful

Isn’t a surprise

Being a topper

Isn’t another gift

Everyone has to struggle in their teenage dignity

When you are a kid

You are a kid

When you grow up

You are no more kid

You can still be kids

Do not believe in their wrong sayings

Ageing is controllable

Don’t loose your innocence

Don’t loose your essence

Do not love the wrong

Do not hurry things

Live life

For all those who self harm

Life is another dream

Dare to dream

For all those

Who wish they were


Being fat is an upcoming trend

For all those lonely people

Wandering is the best sport

For all those haters

Thankyou without you

We wouldn’t have been remembered so much

For all the critics

We love you

More than you believe

For all the alcoholics and smokers

Love is more powerful than

Those chemical radiations

For all those

Lonely lovers

Come on leave the tangibility

For all those

Who think

The land X

Isn’t good

Let us together remake peace

This book was a salute to your activities and an eye-opener for all the generations to come

Let us together stand up

Let us walk together to our dreams

May we sing together

May we not believe in their ideas

May we be always in love with each other

May words just not be another parallel routes

May I love you,

May we love you

May you love us.

All there is a need for saying,

Thankyous and never agains.

My Thankyou Letter:

I thank all of you with my entire

Without you I have been just

Another Another

Guransha Kaur

Sacheka Raj

Vaibhav Pande

Divya Agarwal

Devika Janartha

Rhea Shukla

Victoria Thankur

Ambika Sharma

Rishab Bansal

Megha Marwa

Ushmita Agarwal

Md. Umer

Anusha Gupta

Muskan Vij

Arohi Jain

Arushi Jindal

Utkarsh Koul

All the pictures used are my work.

All rights reserved.

Help of FontCandy and Noetegraphy was taken.

Thankyou FontCandy,

And Notegraphy.

I am Nishita


Inspiring Wonderful Unknown, Hello ! Tungjatjeta ! Grüßgott! Вiтаю ! dobrý den! Hallo! hyvää päivää ! bonjour! Dia duit ! guten tag! buon giorno! They say no matter who you are just a simple smile can undo what might have happened in a different plight. I am a hyperventilated-happy soul, I smile too much. My name is Nishita, and I love the way it sounds. Love is the undefined stream of emotions, unconditionally it is their in our lives and promises to stay forever. I am the passenger and this world is full of small destinations, I have seen people meet-greet-stayed-walked away – lost – revived – fought – betrayed – loved – denied – deprived – cried – sang to heart’s tragic lines – dreamt – believed – reached – stopped and changed. I am a dreamer, a chaser, a fantastic learner, a wonderful time traveler, a vivid thinker and a philosopher all in my name. And as far as the clouds, stars, sunshines and rainbows are considered.. I am my own heart’s delight. ❤ I’ll be a different scenery for each one of you , for words cannot describe anybody in the true essence , I anticipate you to make your own view on me. Did I mention 13 is lucky to me?. 🙂 Stay Beautiful. Keep Smiling. Where you might find the perfect kind is not in your hand, Where you might see the perfect scene is not in your blood, Where you might break from the beautiful kind is not in your control, But all you can remember is to love and let the wonderful feeling carry on.

Let love be the legacy you leave behind, Preach not a single sermon But let the whole world reminisce your name, In the memory of you, may they even rejoice and they live with harmony within them. In a power that is not in the hands of universe but heart, A fear of losing love may never stay, All that may stay must be the wonderful unknown.

Radiating Peace . Spreading Happiness.




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