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Nishita Agarwal is a poet and writer. she started writing at the age of 14 when she was in 8th grade. she primarily wrote about events in school including friendships and love. nishita has been blogging for over 5 years now – she is a confessional writer and picks instances from her life to draw them into lessons for the readers. nishita has written two poetry collections which are avaialble on her blog for public reading. these books revolve around the idea of teenage life and love. for nishita, love is a very important emotion and she includes the concept of the same in her writings really deep.

Social Profiles:

Instagram : presentlymine

LinkedIn: Nishita Agarwal

Quora: presentlymine

Pinterest: presentlymine

Yotube: presentlymine

Twitter: @Nishitology13

Facebook:  Nishita Agarwal

Email : loversofmay@outlook.com



230 thoughts on “About Page.

      1. oh I thought you speak Malayalam 🙂 I think you are a different Blogger Nishita…I meant if you are done with schooling and getting in college


    1. Dearest So, tomorrow is my English exam and to be honest all my good marks will be because of you. Can I just say, honestly you are the coolest person, I have ever seen. You are so adorable and nice to me, THANKYOU so much. Sorry for all the grammatical error you need to know I am a science student too, with a literature student. So, all love coming your way. THANKYOU so much. 💐🎀💋💌🌷❤️💟🌷💌💟❤️

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      1. First of all the best for your exm 🙂 I know you will nail it 😉 and I am glad I made you smile 🙂 for science students English seems to be the easiest one 😉 I never took my English exam seriously :p so for you darling ❤ love you tons ❤


  1. @Nishita am glad that a time like this we get to share a platform. What an amazing post you have to yourself, thanks for sharing this with us. Always a pleasure reading your poems. Kindly explore my previously posted scribbles via jamesmayorblogdotcom1.wordpress.com




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