the seven spiritual laws of success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Book by Deepak Chopra


the highlighted lines:

* life is a force flowing through us. where we direct our attentio n, is where our life force flows.

* in every seed lies the promise of a forest.

the law of pure potentiality 

* in the beginning there was neither existence nor nonexistence. All this world was unmanifest energy.

*…… field of all possibilities and infinite creativity.

* align

* the ego is influenced by objects outside the self – circumstances, people and things.

* the ego is our social mask , it is the role we are playing.

* the need for approval, the need to control things, and the need for external power are fear based.

* self- power

the law of giving and receiving

* abundance has material expression , but what is really circulating is consciousness.

* whenever you meet someone, silently send that person a blessing.

* be open to receiving……


the law of karma or cause and effect

* action of conscious choice making

*…… a lot of our choices are made unconsciously ……..

* comfort or discomfort in heart or solar plexus

* The heart is intuitive and holistic……

* every action is a karmic episode because action generates memory, memory generates desire, and desire generates action again.


the law of least effort

* and it is human nature to make our dreams manifest into physical form – easily and effortlessly.

* miracle

* responsibility means the ability to have a creative response to the situation as it is now

* defencelessness


the law of intention and desire

* attention energises and intention transforms

* desire in most people is attention with attachment to the outcome


the law of detachment 

* ……relinquish our attachment to it.

* uncertainty


the law of dharma or purpose in life



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