disjoint thoughts on death.

death, how lovely and sweet. the very first dialogue. i know what you were going through, and i don’t really know much – but i know you are right here with me. i do not feel that you are dead. i do not even know how that feels like, i just miss you. I can not see you, but i know you are here. i … Continue reading disjoint thoughts on death.

24th December,2018 i don’t know where i am when i am on my bed and it is 6.30 after college and my man doesn’t ring and my sister is nowhere and my mother is alone as hell.     i don’t know where i am when i don’t eat dinners don’t walk myself  don’t draw or list don’t listen to music don’t write about things … Continue reading

  people will talk about you – just like you chit chat about them, in worse or better ways. your goodness level will not downgrade their harsh games – it will not. it might make them think / realise – but it will not downsize their bad deeds (in most cases). a lot of times your loved ones will not back your decisions. keep your rules … Continue reading

In the audience there will be somewhere in the back some people you know of that will criticise and analyse your every move to feed their weaknesses and to make themselves look cooler, stronger or of more value.  There will be some who will clap and cheer for you in the crowd. When you’re up there on the stage you will see new faces enjoying … Continue reading

somedays you will love better than others. somedays you will connect better, understand more and be more willing. somedays you will be high on love, immerse more into the feeling, explore more ways of togetherness. but on others you will feel misbalanced, disoriented, and unfocused.  some afternoon thoughts will make you feel like you are losing and from there on you will make the mistake of … Continue reading

There will be times when the text will arrive before you even finish typing.  There will be times when you wait for 30 minutes for a text.   There will be times you’ll wait for 12 hours for a text.    And there will be times when no replies will come.    In all – know that the text will be read, will be received, will be … Continue reading