//in life, we lose ourselves on paths- only to discover something fun or dangerous. //

assuming you are reading one of those kind of Pinterest posts I like to snap to my friends   (or save for life later)

*we never realise that we all are very dependent. maybe on our lovers, or friends , or family. for things as simple as – anything. our resistance to do our ownselves, slowly becomes our hinderance. it is all bad.

*many people are a party for one. they are most comfortable being single, alone.

*listening to music and walking works. always works.

*we often sleep to forget – how we feel, to cut the crap, to waste time, to evade life -we are never honestly that tired

*places do not matter if you are with the wrong people

* aesthetics can create happiness.

*journalling thoughts helps maintaining  sanity.

* in the course of healing people – you can truly heal yourself

*you. always. need. your. own. space.

*we hate dealing with our emotions

*we all like to be sad- every once in a while

*over-thinking comes from over-feeling

*we always hate ending conversations with that one person

*we are always stronger than what we believe ourselves to be

* we truly never know – what is the most dangerous thing we can ever do

*we like to lose ourselves to people- in the journey to find ourselves

*we do  like drawing – it gives you an opportunity to talk about issues you normally never talk about, it eases you, it is like meditation, and you enjoy the process

*green teas will always be a thing

*no matter where you are – you would always want that one person with you

*you erupt at random places – because you build up on your raw / unprocessed emotions.

*you find out about the people – who really care about you one day.

*you do BINGE EAT- when you are stressed, or not happy or when you are not hungry

*disney movies teach you real life lessons. they were created for a reason

*hugging pillows feels good

*saying “Hi Sweety!” to your own self is worth it.

*on days you feel like nobody is yours or that people dont care about you – but know that they might be having their downs as well

*saying I love you never gets old

*talking to photographs and old texts can make you smile, and fall in love again.

*good conversations or bad conversations –   shouldn’t matter as long as it involves talking or being together staring at each other

*home might actually be a good place to be

*life happens for a reason


on days you’ll cry, you’ll get bruised, you’ll lie to your loved ones,

you’ll cry on your study table or while texting or while watching a family Disney movie, or under the sheets – 

but on rare days – it will all make sense.


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