on stealing kisses.

look at them with soft eyes – while they make food or work on laptop or lay on bed or watch television or stand in lift or read a book or walk with you or look clueless. and then move your lips closer to their skin. and as swiftly as you can steal a kiss. let your lips curl up gracing the moment , your eyes bright with a hint of pleasure and let their heart know that the robbery has been made. leave them feeling high, nervous, jittery for a moment while you look right into their eyes as a gateway to their soul. then let them sink in the moment whilst you start to do your part of the work. let them shower you with love if they intend to. let them drown in jubilance if they wish to. let them replay that moment if they wish to. and if they continue to stare right into your eyes – steal another kiss. and breathe in the moment with love and gratitude.

when i was tiny i knew how much a kiss was worth. i knew it was magical, it was splendid, it could change the way we felt – but growing up I somehow lost the touch of it, the feel of this affectionate activity.

in life – there are many complications that you might not be able to undo, redo, solve or untangle. relationships that are heavy or destructive or stupid will make you react in ways. life isn’t a game of “tic tac toe” – you cannot draw circles or crosses to win against it. but you can love and heal. you can try till you get what you want. you can steal kisses and act innocent to let love handle all the rest. I personally believe that “everything done in love comes back in love”.

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